Where I Am

When I got the phone call that a dog on the side of the road may be my “lost dog”, when I saw her body and the obvious suffering she had to have endured, when I heardmy daughter cry ” Mommy, wake her up” as we stood over her grave, as I saw my son stand stoically in his cub scout uniform sharing his memories of his dog, as I saw my husband’s eyes fill with tears over the first dog to ever choose him……..after a week of trial after trial after trial….all I could do was sit alone on the backyard swing in view of Annie’s grave and cry out to my Heavenly Father who sees my pain and yell, “You are not safe!”

I have been looking for a quote about the danger of following Jesus for awhile.  It comes from C.S. Lewis’ “The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe”.  It was brought to me this morning by the blog Holy Experience in a post that came in my email.  She aptly describes the thoughts of my heart.  Click on the title for the post.  I hope it both challenges and blesses you.


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