DIY Homemade Yogurt- Part 2

The photos above depict the steps I had to take after the milk sat in the unplugged crockpot for three hours.  I took out a cup of yogurt and mixed it with the vanilla instant pudding.  We then poured it back into the crockpot and stirred that with the whisk.  Lastly, we wrapped the towel around the crockpot and left it to sit overnight.

Well, I’m not sure this was a complete success as our yogurt was kind of runny in the morning but here are the pictures and the rest of the steps.

The vanilla pudding adds a yummy scent

1) put a coffee filter in a colander and place that over a pot or bowl

2) spoon yogurt into coffee filter and wait a couple of minutes for whey to drain into pot

3) spoon strained yogurt into storage containers and refrigerate

Straining the whey

Well, not alot of whey strained through the coffee filter.  My yogurt was rather thin.  I didn’t have a lot of time but I googled this result for a minute and I think the problem was that my yogurt wasn’t warm enough overnight.  I also wonder if it had to do with the fact I used 1% milk rather than whole milk.

I decided to refrigerate some of the yogurt and put the rest in ice pop containers to make yogurt pops.  This is how much it made:

The kids filling up the ice pop trays

I don’t think there was a real savings with this project unless I use organic milk next time.  Organic yogurt, gogurts, and drinkable yogurt is really pricey.  This would be a cheaper alternative in that case.  The vanilla pudding really did work as flavoring.  Little Man would have preferred chocolate however.  It was delicious but like I said, even after being refrigerated, it was a bit runny.  Although, now that I think about it, lowfat Stonyfield yogurt isn’t particularly thick either.  maybe this yogurt was closer than I thought.

Consistency of yogurt after being refrigerated. It is perfect for drinkable yogurt and smoothies.

In a less busy season of life I may try this again but for now, I will stick with couponing and manager’s specials for organic yogurt purchases.


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