Garage Sale and Goals Update

Garage Sale

I’m writing this post on Sunday and am still feeling pretty exhausted.  The Heron Bay garage sale was the culmination of three months of cleaning out the house.  It has become preparation for a move.  I am bushed!

A friend of my husband gave him tickets for the Atlanta Braves game on Wednesday.  He took the kids and I was able to focus on our front bedroom  and the hall closet.  These are storage areas for all kinds of stuff, including our homeschool materials.  I also took one last trip up to the attic to weed anything out that wasn’t needed.  On Thursday my friend Jenn graciously took my kids for the afternoon.  I was able to focus on the master bedroom closet.  I had hit a wall by this point and was grateful to be by myself.  I wouldn’t have been as ruthless as I wanted to be if the kids had been around.   Thank you again Jenn. 🙂

By Friday,  I was functioning on fumes.  Let’s just say it took until 9:30pm that night to be finished with the triple batch of cookies, to take what I could out into the garage, and make signs.  I was working pretty slowly the whole day.

At about 5:30am Saturday morning I woke up and Little Man woke up too.  He was very excited.  Thankfully my husband distracted him with a long run in preparation for next month’s 5k.  I drank my coffee and began setting up while little girl slept soundly.

I am one of those annoying people who drive around before a garage sale’s official start time.  I take a Type A approach to garage sales.  I want to have a lay of the land.  “Where are the good sales?, Which house  should I hit first? Which home do I want to hit last when they might be a little more flexible about prices?” is what I’m thinking.    My brothers and sisters in garage saling were scouting out my driveway by 7:30am.   A good sign in my mind.

We had a steady flow throughout the day.  Little Man, Little Girl and our neighbors manned a table selling molasses cookies, lemonade, and pumpkin muffins.  Little Man is a natural entrepeneur.  He was shouting out advertisements like a concessions guy in a baseball stadium and with the same volume.  People complimented him all day long.  His work paid off.  The child made over $50!

Customers were talkative and I met people I didn’t know from other parts of Heron Bay.   I enjoyed watching a couple groups of women oohing and aaahing over the clothes.  I know that feeling, so it made me smile.

At the end of the day I made enough in profit that the work seemed worth it.  As a bonus, the American Kidney Foundation came around with a truck to take the things you didn’t sell if you wanted to donate it.  That was a big blessing!

All I have left now are  two boxes of books for the used book sale at our local homeschool conference, two boxes of clothes for our consignment shop, and two boxes of baby and toddler items for my sister in law’s baby.  Yeahh!

Goals Update

Bible Time: "Esther" with finger puppets

I have not done either of my DIY projects this month nor have I finished my two books.  I am going to try, but I know I need to give myself grace.  A lot of good things have gotten done this month!   On top of that, we even had someone ask about renting the house in the first 24 hours of the sign being out in the yard.  Unfortunately, they wanted to move in on May 1st.  I would have had a heart attack trying to make that happen.  Someone else asked us to send pictures and information about the school system.   This quick response to our signs makes me hopeful.

Here are the goals for this week:


-attend last Bible study for this book

-keep up my personal quiet time

-keep reading “Heaven” book with Little Man


-begin pricing books for used book sale


-two days of cleaning

-buy groceries since I missed Saturday’s usual trip


-get kids practicing BMV’s again

-see if I can take Little Man to “Mother/Son Night” at Chick Fil A this coming weekend (will depend on husband’s schedule)


-go on strawberry picking field trip with kids

-begin choosing curriculum for next year and research best prices


-complete DIY projects-homemade yogurt and face wash

-try to complete assigned books- ‘Families Where Grace Takes Place” and “Heaven for Kids”


-date in with husband

I hope that is everything.  The decisions regarding homeschooling will be time consuming but fun.  Happy goal setting!

Little Girl makes these glasses look good!


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