Deliberate Procrastination

It always amazes me when I get to the end of a month.  The time between the first day and the last day seems to be getting shorter and shorter.  Though I am by no means doing this goal setting thing perfectly, I am glad to be trying it. It helps me see what I’m accomplishing rather than  just seeing a blur of activity as I look back over a month.


In March, I found myself struggling with wanting to get my daily to-dos done and wanting to get larger projects completed as well.  I have been reviewing “Eat That Frog” by Brian Tracy and looking for wisdom again.  He finds the words to my struggle when he states,

“Most people engage in unconscious procrastination.  They procrastinate without even thinking about it.   As a result, they procrastinate on the big, valuable,  important tasks that can have significant long-term consequences in their lives and careers…..Your job is to deliberately procrastinate on tasks that are of low value so that you have more time for tasks that can make a big difference in your life and work.”  (pg 34)

If I wait to get everything on my day-to-day list accomplished before I jump into any of my “bigger” projects, than I’ll be waiting for a long time.  Since reading “Eat That Frog” in January I have felt more freedom to recognize the significant long-term consequences of the big valuable tasks, and give myself permission to push aside the day-to-day stuff in order to make the big tasks happen.  This takes some balance, as my husband and children would be a little upset if I stopped feeding them.  But with a little forwarning, they are content to eat P&J sandwiches for lunch one day if it helps me get a big task completed.


I have two big events coming up in April and the very first weekend in May that require time, physical and mental energy.  April 21st is our community yard sale and I I have planned to participate.  I have a little mountain of stuff under and on top of my dining room table to prove it.  I still want to go through my closet and the rest of the attic before  that date.  Plus I have to set up and tag all the items.

There is a homeschool convention the first weekend in May in which I plan to attend and volunteer.  They have a fantastic used book sale from which I am planning to buy most of next year’s curriculum.  However I need to decide what I want ahead of time.  This is always a lengthy decision-making process for me.  I also need to prepare the books I plan on selling there.

Though our financial counselor  saw little waste in our budget  when she reviewed it two weeks ago, she thought we could get better rates from our gas company, on our car and life insurance.  I really want to make those phone calls this month.

Michael and I set up our framework and theme over at but it is far from looking the way I envisioned it.  I would like to put some time into that too.  I’m beginning to think that will have to wait until May.

So as you can see, the activities before me in this month of April are all “big, valuable, important tasks with significant long-term consequences.”  They are all important to me.

With that in mind, here are my goals for April:


-keep God front and center and believe in the security I have in Him when things seem scary or unknown

-maintain my personal Bible study time, staying in the Word

-pray, pray, pray through the day, out loud, with the kids, with my husband


-call gas company and insurance agencies

-tag items for yard sale

-tag items for homeschool convention

-register for yard sale

-hold yard sale


-register for conference

-find out when I can drop off books

-decide which curriculum I will use next year

-prepare materials to sell


-order more BMV gumballs

-help kids make molasses cookies and lemonade for yard sale

-go on dates with both kids

-pray with them during teachable moments

-use scripture in discipline


-plan a date out

-plan dates in


-take magnesium supplements consistently

-go through my closet and clean out

-shop for a bathing suit

-plan two “Mommy Time Outs”

-add some faster training for 5K

-pray over my knees that have been sensitive since the zip line experience

-finally try the Bob Harper video

-read April’s book assignments

-complete April’s DIY projects


-pray about blog

-bring food to Henry Food Bank

-write a handwritten note

Make room for the big, valuable important tasks that have long-term consequences.  Happy goal setting!


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