“Faithful and True” and the “Good Shepherd”: Names of Jesus

I love this picture.  It is one of the paths I take on my longer morning runs.  It is a side road that leads up to the back of our development.  It is quite hilly- a great end to my journey.

Today we are supposed to meet with the financial counselor from Crown Financial Ministries.  I really appreciate our counselor’s willingness to give of her time to help people in the area of finance.  A pair of fresh eyes is what we really need right now.  We have some decisions to make about housing and jobs.  We have debt from which we want to be free.  I’ve been praying that God would give our counselor wisdom and insight.  It can be difficult to find answers when you have been staring at a problem for a long time.

I am counting on Jesus being our “Good Shepherd”.  John 10:11 says,

“I am the Good Shepherd.  The Good Shepherd gives His life for the sheep.”

I also am standing on the fact that I know Jesus to be “Faithful and True”.  Revelation 19:11 says,

“I saw heaven standing open.  There in front of me was a white horse.  Its rider is called Faithful and True.  When He judges or makes war, He is always fair.”

I look forward to sharing how Jesus works through our meetings and our financial journey.


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