Our Anniversary Day

My husband works very hard.  He has been plugging away at a new business that he focuses on when he is not at his regular full time job.  Recognizing he needed a small break, he took off three days from his regular job.  This is a rare thing.  In my husband’s line of work, if you aren’t there, you won’t be paid.  I know my husband is tired when he is willing to take time off.

Tuesday was our 13th wedding anniversary.  We will be going away for two nights next week.  Tuesday became family day for us….a time to circle the wagons and focus on the four of us.  In other words, cell phones were not allowed that day.

The spring weather has appeared in all its glory the past couple days.  Tuesday seemed a fitting day to visit “Noah’s Ark”, our local animal rehabilitative center.  I had just read that spring is a great time to observe animals because they are more active.  We weren’t disappointed.

After a visit to the playground and a look at the snakes in the main building, we ventured into the main animal area.  The grounds at Noah’s Ark are full of wonderful shade producing trees, park benches, and climbing rocks.  We particularly enjoyed the antics of a young bear and his cage mate- a tiger!

The play that occurred between these two animals was much like two puppies.  The bear would playfully bite the tiger’s tail.  The tiger would bat at the bear’s nose.  The bear would shake a piece of wood like a puppy with his play toy while the tiger rested.  Then the bear would sneak up on the resting tiger.  The tiger would jump on him and they would roll around in the dusty dirt.  It was comical and achieved a lot of reaction from the audience of watchers.

A couple years ago we made a financial donation to Noah’s Ark and were able to design bricks in honor of our kids and our dogs.  We like to check on the bricks whenever we visit.  The kids think it is neat to see their names at this wonderful place.

After a lovely picnic lunch we headed out to Lowe’s to begin one of our favorite pastimes as a couple- gardening.  We don’t have the time or the funds to do as much as we would like to our home’s landscaping.  However, last year we ventured into building raised beds for vegetable gardening and we always plant some flowers.  We hoped to produce some of our own groceries.

While we were at Lowe’s we began researching prices on vegetable plants and I used some birthday money to buy flowers for my front and back pots.  I thought hydrangeas were a good use of my funds.  I will plant them in our yard at the end of the season.  The cats like to sit in my pots and flower beds so we had to scatter some bamboo sticks to try to discourage them from getting comfortable.

Overall it was a great day spending time with the children God has blessed us with in our 13 years of marriage and spending time doing a shared hobby.  I am looking forward though to the fun ahead of us next week.  Apparently it will involve zip lines and kayaking.

I can’t wait to have some time away with you Michael!


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