“America’s Cheapest Family Gets You Right on the Money”

I am almost finished with this book.  I think Steve and Annette Economides have done a great job of thoroughly covering all the areas where a typical family spends their hard earned cash.  To give you a glimpse of the topics they cover I’ll list the chapter names.  I will also mention some more ideas that I found helpful.

Chptr 1: Intro

Chptr 2: Groceries

Chptr 3: Budgeting

Chptr 4: Cars

Chptr 5: Housing

Chptr 6: Utilities

Chptr 7: Debt

Chptr 8: Medical

Chptr 9: Clothing

Chptr 10: Entertainment & Recreation

Chptr 11: Vacation

Chptr 12: Kids & Money

Chptr 13: Savings & Investments

Chptr 14: Attitudes

Chptr 15: The Final Payoff

If you have never purchased a used car then chapter 4 “Cars: Cutting Car Costs”, will be a great help on your new adventure.  The Economides provide a thorough list of questions to ask the seller and a checklist to use as you look over the car.

Chapter 5 “Housing: Home Sweet Home” includes a helpful section that I have never seen in any other book about budgeting.  The section is called “Hiring a Contractor: Home Improvements Without Getting Nailed.”  I wouldn’t know what questions to ask a contractor to protect myself.  If we ever need a contractor I will be returning to this book to learn how to research, hire, and pay a contractor.

I also learned in chapter 6 “Medical: Keeping Your Body Healthy and Your Wallet Happy” that in some states hospitals have up to six years from date of service to review their records and correct their bills.  This means that a person could receive a corrected invoice today- with higher charges-for services rendered six years ago!  I couldn’t help but wonder if this is the case in Georgia.

This is just a taste of the information included by the Economides in their book “America’s Cheapest Family Gets You Right on the Money” that I haven’t seen in other home finance type books.  It is worth a look even if you have read a few budget books already.

I hope this review helps you on your financial journey:)


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