Goals Update 3/26

(Those sunglasses crack me up.)

Hey Everybody!

This week didn’t quite turn out the way I thought it would.

We were scheduled to meet with a financial counselor on Thursday but couldn’t find a babysitter for the time we needed.  That didn’t happen.  I thought I was going to spend all week preparing clothes for a consignment sale this past weekend.  I missed the registration date.  That didn’t happen.  These were two huge, potentially time consuming events.

I used the time I was going to spend on consignment sale preparation, cleaning out my attic.  There are just two more bins up there that I have to go through.  I also went through the Mt. Clutter pile in my living room and divided things up into “donate”, “consign” and “garage sale” piles.  I put another huge load of trash out at the curb for garbage collection.  All I have left to get rid of are some beat up lawn chairs and a drop side crib.  Can you imagine how many drop side cribs are crowding the landfills now that they have been banned?

Anyway, we definitely have a babysitter for an appointment with the counselor this week.  And I will need to get the rest of the clothes out of the bins in the attic by Wednesday to drop them off at the consignment store.

I am thrilled because my husband completed the plans for two nights away to celebrate our anniversary next week.  Woohoo!  My parents will be kindly driving up from FL to take care of the kids and spend some time altogether.  I have the Mandisa concert next Sunday to  start off that whole week.  It should make for a good week of restorative fun.

Here are the goals from last week and following are the goals for next week.


-gather info. together for meeting with financial counselor   rescheduled

-meet with counselor

call consignment shop to make drop off date

purchase Genesis framework for blog


attend Bible study

-keep up personal study


make final arrangements for trip    My parents are coming up to visit and will watch the kids for two nights that we will spend away together.  Yahoo!

-do Husband Project ideas      only did one

Household Management:

two days of cleaning   this worked better last week

-make homemade pizza dough


-date with Little Man

date with Little Girl

run with Little Man


-get through week without missing school


purchase food for imaginary family


4 days of exercise, hopefully five

use exercise folder 2x’s

-read America’s Cheapest Family Gets You Right on the Money” and “The Simple Dollar”

meet with a friend

Goals for 3/26:


-gather info. for financial counselor

-meet with counselor

-drop clothes off at consignment shop


-do assigned reading for Bible study

-keep up personal Bible study

-begin new BMV


-date night in with husband

-husband projects

Household Management:

-clean homeschool closet and add to consignment pile

-two days of cleaning

-make homemade pizza dough


-date with Little Man

-run with Little Man


-begin new BMVs with kids

-call school to see if speech therapist has returned


-write two notes and send

-drop off food at Henry County food bank and ask questions about what they need


-4 to 5 days of exercise

-try Bob Harper video (finally!)

-finish “America’s Cheapest Family Gets You Right on the Money” and “The Simple Dollar”

I think that covers it.  Happy goal setting!


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