Gotta Love Aldi

Saturday is my day to grocery shop and Aldi is always one of my stops.

I know that many of you have found Aldi’s prices to be better than most grocery stores and even competitive with prices at Walmart.  When you haven’t had time to clip coupons or scan the sales flyers, you can still visit Aldi and walk out with the peace of mind that you didn’t spend money on over-priced food.

A couple weeks ago I was really feeling the fact that we haven’t been going out to eat as a family.  I got it in my mind that I wanted to make up for that by splurging a little on the meal I plan for Saturdays.

I’m also pretty spent by the time I get home from errand running and grocery shopping on Saturday.  I have begun to think of the Saturday meal as a small reward for all that effort that really began the day before when I spent the afternoon clipping coupons and menu planning.

A couple weeks ago I discovered a package of hard salami and prosciutto in the cold aisle at Aldi.  My family LOVES salami and prosciutto.  They had a great deal on artisan salad, grape tomatoes, and canned olives.  I was inspired.

One of my family’s favorite meals includes lunch meat, the Publix crusty bread dipped in olive oil and salad.  With Aldi’s deals and some crusty bread from Publix I had a delightful, inexpensive (compared to going out) meal that felt like a splurge and was a bit of comfort food for me after a long morning.

Doesn’t this look good?

So if you haven’t given Aldi a try, stop by this week.  You might just discover your own little splurge that makes looking for deals very satisfying!



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