Goals Update

Well, I had a goals update already to go this past weekend.  Somehow it disappeared.  I am quite exhausted from staying up late at the Bruce Springsteen concert last night. You will just have to take my word that I accomplished almost everything on my list last week.  Here is this week’s list:


-gather info. together for meeting with financial counselor

-meet with counselor

-call consignment shop to make drop off date

-purchase Genesis framework for blog


-attend Bible study

-keep up personal study


-make final arrangements for trip    My parents are coming up to visit and will watch the kids for two nights that we will spend away together.  Yahoo!

-do Husband Project ideas

Household Management:

-two days of cleaning   this worked better last week

-make homemade pizza dough


-date with Little Man

-date with Little Girl

-run with Little Man


-get through week without missing school


-purchase food for imaginary family


-4 days of exercise, hopefully five

-use exercise folder 2x’s

-read America’s Cheapest Family Gets You Right on the Money” and “The Simple Dollar”


-meet with a friend

This will be a great week.  I’m excited to see what all the activities bring.

Happy goal setting!



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