Where are you headed? (photos from Flickr)

I had a burst of energy on Saturday.  I chose to clean the garage rather than write up my goals for the week.  I think it was a good decision.  The garage looks awesome!

Here are the goals I accomplished last week:

-spend two hours researching blog designs ( this will be broken up I’m sure)

-determine questions I will need to ask blog design company

-make decision to consign at sale or store



-attend ladies’ BIble study

-work on next Bible study chapter

-regular quiet times

-pray through prayer list



decide on “date in”

talk to Michael about date for overnight

-do three “Husband Project” activities


Household Management:

-get through all five days of cleaning this week   I got through two again, however I did clean out the garage so that has to count for something


-plan dates with children   Didn’t happen, have to try this week.

run two days with Little Man


-track down speech therapist and make appointment   Every time I call she has left or is at another school, will try again.

-3 days of school with Little Girl



buy protein food for imaginary family

drop off food at church pantry      I got to share about this with the women’s Bible study at my church.  Really neat!


do four days of exercise   Actually got five in because I was motivated by some inspiriational podcasts I downloaded.  A series by pastor Andrew MacDonald entitled “Crossing the Finishing Line” was great!

-find folder with exercise ideas and bring to two sessions at clubhouse  Got as far as finding it and putting it in my car.

-read March’s assigned books


-decide title and get copy of second book   I found some at library but had to put on hold.  Will they get here in time?

have a “mommy time out”    Had coffee with a friend.  It was great!


This week’s goals:


-meet with friend to discuss headers for blog and general design ideas

-make appointment to speak with Crown Financial counselor


-No Bible study this week so I will just read chapters for next week

-pray through personal list


-complete three husband project assignments

-have a date in

-plan date night out

Household Management:

-two days of cleaning  trying a two week cycle since I can’t seem to get five days in right now

-clean out master bedroom closet


-plan dates with children

-attend Target Free Tuesday at Imagine It if we can get away

-training runs with Little Man


-make appointment with speech therapist

-three school days with Abby focusing on numbers


-use exercise folder two times

-exercise 5 times

-Mommy Time Out that is really relaxing, not getting errands done

-read March’s books

-DIY dishwashing detergent


-buy food for imaginary family

I’m excited to see what my blog meeting brings.  I feel some peace that my husband and I will meet with a Crown finacial counselor to get a fresh pair of eyes looking at our budget and debts.  Should be a great week!

Happy goal setting!


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