“America’s Cheapest Family Gets You Right on the Money”

“America’s Cheapest Family Gets You RIght on the Money”  by Steve and Annette Economides is one of my reading assignments for the month of March.  I decided that while I read I will write short posts listing tips that stood out for me.  And by the way, that really is their last name.  I couldn’t find anything anywhere that said something about their last name sounding so much like economy.  What are the chances of that?

Chapter 1: “Groceries:Savings by the Bagful”

My first impression of this chapter is that I have read a number of the suggestions they make before, but for someone who is new to cutting back on their grocery bill, there is good information to be gleaned.  What I hadn’t heard were:

-On a bad ad day,  don’t be afraid to do some research to take advantage of the meats you wouldn’t ordinarily buy.  In the Economides case, they had a week in which Italian sausage was the only good meat deal.  Annette could only think of Italian pasta dishes in which she could use this meat.  Well, how many of those can a family have in one week?  So, she got out her recipe books and began looking for “out of the box” uses for Italian sausage.

-If you have small children, consider using recipes in which the meat is cut up into bite size pieces already so that once the food is on the table, your meal isn’t getting cold while you cut up everyone else’s food. 

-Lunch meat alternative: In the meat section of the grocery store there are things called “chubs” of lunch meat.  It may run for as little as $1.29/lb.  You can take this up to the butcher or deli counter and as to have it sliced thin.  My family loves lunchmeat.  I am going to look into this.


These are the three tips that I hadn’t read before.  Hope they help you too.


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