Things I Love About my Husband

These are some of the many things I love about my husband:

He makes corny jokes.

He loves giving surprises and I love receiving them because he always gives good ones.

My husband remembers exactly how I like my coffee and makes it for me when I haven’t asked.

When I have my worst temper tantrum he answers me calmly and encourages me to rest.

He loves a good deal at the grocery store as much as I do.  I love it when he comes home excited and tells me about a great deal he found.  Last week he found Starbucks bags of coffee for about $3.50 a bag at Target.  Score baby!

My husband figures out my gadgets and then teaches me how to use them-so I don’t have to read the instruction book. 🙂

When I have a problem he tries to figure it out for me….like when my computer doesn’t work, I can’t find my keys, the sink is clogged, Netflix is on the blitz…..

He just gets more handsome every year and makes my heart flutter, especially in this one particular JCrew shirt….

He builds awesome lego ships and really gets into playing with them.  He is fully engaged when playing with Little Man.

My husband tells Little Girl she is pretty again and again.

He still thinks I’m hot. 

He “gets” that exercising is important to me and will stop what he is doing to download music for me on my way out the door for a run.

He isn’t afraid to try something new like change his car brakes and oil himself.  He inspires me to try new things instead of being afraid of it.

He cooks really well and enjoys good food. 

I could keep going but I need to get on with my errands.  There will have to be a “Part Two”……



2 responses to this post.

  1. How about his loveyly fresh out of bed porcupine hairdoo or his aromatic twirls in the kitchen…armpits blazing after a nice 6mile summetime run…sweat droplets and all


  2. Yes, all of that as well 🙂


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