Lessons Learned in February and a Goals Update

Annie's looks great!

Lessons Learned in February

Since our family spent most of February ill, I’m not too disappointed that the month is over.

However, there were some great highlights:


-having my “Climbing Mt. Clutter” post featured on MoneySavingMom’s Facebook page

-a great family day at the reservoir with my kids and husband

-going shopping for my daughter and finally buying some “sparkly shoes”

-waking up to a wonderful post written by my husband

-receiving money from my husband to invest in my blog

-having a Star Wars movie marathon with my son one weekend

-sharing my husband’s interest in a band called “NeedtoBreathe” by attending a concert together and enjoying his excitement at how great the concert was

-sharing a delicious meal and giggling like little kids as we took pictures of our meal (we never do that)

-praying with my sister in law and seeing God answer our prayers concerning her baby that is due in July

-laughing with my best friend over the phone- I miss you Stacy!

-talking to God on my runs, feeling His presence in the open vistas on 155

-sensing God’s “amen” about some things on my prayer list

…….and the list goes on and on and on.

There were things I didn’t get done in February that were on my goals list, such as:

-implementing the “Four Minute Marriage Habit” from the blog “Holy Experience”

-posting items on Ebay

-finishing my “Climb Mt. Clutter” projects

-holding family meetings

I found that I hated the envelope app the two weeks I used it.  (Then we sold my Ipad so we can save up for the Ipad 3 that is coming out this month.)

I had gotten such momentum with my goals in January and  I was adapting to getting up earlier.  I truly enjoyed the quiet of the morning and the feeling of accomplishment that, by the time my kids were up, I had accomplished some really significant tasks.

In the book “Eat That Frog” Brian Tracy says that over time, accomplishing significant tasks early in your day begins to give your body a shot of endorphins and because of that reward, you become more motivated to repeat that good habit. 

My experience in January showed me he was right.  Illness in February and a plummet in physical energy was a blow.  Thankfully, our family is entering the month of March equipped with allergy medicine.  My hope is that the medicine will help and illness will be kept at bay.

A very happy dog brother

Goals for March

What will my goals be for March?  I need to keep them SMART- Specific, Measureable, Attainable, Realistic,Timely.


-Meet with Michael to revisit envelope system (are we still in agreement about amounts, should we use physical envelopes?)

-contact blog design company and get pricing

-make decision about design by 3rd week of March

-make decision about consignment items by March 9th and stick with decision!


-Continue attending lady’s Bible study

-Regular quiet times

-Pray through specific personal prayer list 2x’s a week (this is separate from the one the kids and I use)


-weekly “date in”

-make plans for an overnight

-begin implementing “The Husband Project”

Household Management:

-clean master bedroom closet and add clothes to consignment pile

-clean homeschool closet and add items to consignment pile

-convince husband to clean out garage (ha, ha, ha, ha, now I am wiping the tears from my eyes 🙂 no one wants this job)

-get at least 2 cleaning days in a week still using the 15-20 minute plan


-continue use of gumball machine for Bible memory verses

-plan individual dates with Little Man and Little Girl

-hold one family meeting

-begin running with Little Man in preparation for 5K in May


-purchase computer reading program for Little Girl

-go back to speech therapist with Little Man


-continue purchasing food for “imaginary family”

-drop off food to church food pantry next week

-make a second drop off at Henry County food pantry at the end of the month

-update prayer list

-mail two handwritten notes


-finally use Bob Harper video!

-consistently do 4 days of exercise each week (add an “active” fifth day. Spring will make this easier and the busy activities of this month will make it harder.  Wonderwhich will win out?)

-complete March’s DIY: dishwasher detergent and homemade pizza dough

-read March’s assigned books : “America’s Cheapest Family Gets You Right on the Money” and ?  It was going to be the Treasure Principle, but it is so much like Alcorn’s “Money, Possessions, and Eternity” I thought it would be better to pick something else.  Stay tuned on that….

-schedule a “mommy time out” each week that has nothing to do with the blog, school, groceries, etc.

-attend beading class (this was supposed to happen in February but the instructor rescheduled for tonight)

Annie's good eye...and a smile from all the extra loving!

Goals For This Week

-spend two hours researching blog designs ( this will be broken up I’m sure)

-determine questions I will need to ask blog design company

-make decision to consign at sale or store


-attend ladies’ BIble study

-work on next Bible study chapter

-regular quiet times

-pray through prayer list


-decide on “date in”

-talk to Michael about date for overnight

-do three “Husband Project” activities

Household Management:

-get through all five days of cleaning this week


-plan dates with children

-run two days with Little Man


-track down speech therapist and make appointment

-3 days of school with Little Girl


-buy protein food for imaginary family

-drop off food at church pantry


-do four days of exercise

-find folder with exercise ideas and bring to two sessions at clubhouse

-read March’s assigned books

-decide title and get copy of second book

-have a “mommy time out”

Wow!  Busy but wonderful month ahead.  In a nutshell:

-Plan: you will get back on track when you forget where you are going and you won’t waste as much time

-Flex: sometimes surprises will come your way, hold loosely to your plans

-Be present: good things are going to happen or come your way as a choice, be ready to take them and to have fun!

Happy goal setting!


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