Forgive me Father for I have sinned it’s been one week since I last hijacked my wifes’ blog.  So at this time last week I was sitting in bed opining about how my wife Heather’s 37th birthday was the next day and detailing to y’all just how great that she is and how I was going to be up all night writing in her blog and getting our home ready for her “big day”.  Well one week later I’m back at the same keyboard writing in Heather’s blog once again.  It’s currently 2:30am and I just got done consuming some delicious homemade chili…yum.  Anyway I arrived home from work a short time ago and I thought that I would recount what a great date Heather and I had last night.  Disclaimer: “It’s now 3:50am I’m doing my one and only reread/rewrite…this blog is most certainly full of a host of grammatical and spelling errors which I will have no chance of catching in my sleep deprived state.”  And I continue…

Last week Heather and I were scheduled to go out for a nice dinner for her birthday, this did not happen however as Heather was ill on her birthday  We’ve been trying for  1 1/2 years now to dine at a restaurant called Aria in Atlanta.  Heather’s sister Kelly gave us a gift certificate quite awhile ago but we have tried and failed on three different occasions to be able to go.  Twice because of illness and once because of a cancelled babysitter.    Last night the stars finally arrived , “see what I’m talking about this should have been aligned…where the heck did arrived come from, oh well” and I continue… and we made it hooray!  It was so nice for the two of us to get out alone together.   These days this happens so very infrequently.  We used to go on dates all the time, “well a lot anyway”..but with the money crunch it just hasn’t been in the budget.  Well last night we had such a great time, “great might be an understatement”.  My wife was looked, “was looked are you kidding me, what time is it anyway?” beautiful, she let me tag along and we headed out for a night on the town.

This is a picture of my lovely wife , she looks happy doesn’t she!  Get rid of a couple of screaming kids, pair, “not sure of the use of pair here”, with a nice relaxing restaurant, an expertly prepared cocktail,  and voila…a whole new  woman.  We really had a great time, “ok great once again might be understated”.  Oor waiter Mike was fantastic “tis true” and the food was to die for.  We started off with a Lobster cocktail which doesn’t look like much but was awesome.  Truffle scented whipped potatoes, big chunks of Maine Lobster, and a broccoli puree, oh yeah!

They very nicely split this up for us into two martini glasses, what a great starter.  I had a glass of one my favorite beers Sweetwater IPA and Heather had a finely prepared Apple and Ginger scented Martini.   For all of my Southern Baptist Brethren take a deep breath you’ll be okay”well you might not be okay but, he Golden Corral will be open any minute…”there are those dot dot dot’s again…can’t seem to get away from them”.  Great starter and some nice drinks “were a”, “don’t ask why I put ‘were a’ in quotes I don’t know”,good way to get the night going.  Next came a wonderful mixed green salad ,with goat cheese crustini which was also excellently prepared and like the first course was split onto two plates for us.

For dinner Heather ordered the braised Pork Shoulder served with sweet potato spetzel scented with carraway seed.  The sauce was some type, “wow some type, so very descriptive Michael”, of reduction which was really good, “oh really, really good you say”, we should have asked for more of it , “the sauce that it is”, it was super yummy!

I ordered the head on fresh Georgia White shrimp over corn risotto.  All I can say is “oh my”!   This was the highlight of the food portion of the evening for me.  I was in heaven and did not leave a crumb on the plate.  Can’t speak highly enough about the food and the service at Aria.

After we were done eating our entrees we were incredibly stuffed, no room for desert that was for sure.  I forgot that when I called, “called for what..yes that’s right a reservation” that they had asked if it was a special occasion and I had told them that it was Heather’s birthday.  Well they didn’t forget.  They brought out a plate of homemade confections for Heather with lovely writing wishing her a Happy Birthday!  This was a great end to a fabulous meal.  Good job Aria!

Being a bartender at Chops Restaurant and being in the restaurant business I rarely dine anywhere without knowing someone at the restaurant.  This was one of the first times in quite a while where we dined out incognito, it was a nice change to be left totally to ourselves.  It was also nice to receive such excellent treatment when we were just another guest.  We didn’t spend a whole lot of money “although it wasn’t cheap either”, weren’t ordering expensive wines, heck we split two courses but they treated us wonderfully and made Heather feel special…winning”thank you Charlie Sheen”!   Thanks again to our server Mike who did a fantastic job”understated”!  And when I say they I really mean our server..we never did meet a manager but it was probably just as well.

Thanks to the generosity of our friend Molly we were able to go out to see a live show as well…be still my heart.  We went to a venue called “the Tabernacle” which neither of us had ever been to before to see a band called Needtobreathe. I’ve listened  to their music a number of times but never had seen them live, they were awesome!  Great venue…great night…awsome time with my wife Heather.

I don’t know about you but I seem to have become quite the abuser of the dot…dot… dot… “see every paragraph above,” I don’t know if it’s from all the texting I do these days or what, but I can’t seem to get away from it.  Anyway we had an awesome”again understated” night with the exception of getting a text about our babysitter getting bit by our friends dog, but alas I’ll leave that story for Heather to tell at another time if she so chooses.

I wrote my little post tonight because I wanted to share our birthday dinner story but also because  I know that Heather is kinda “well a little more than kinda” run down right now.  She fell asleep tonight while trying to write her blog entry for today.  She’s put a lot of pressure on herself to get this blog up and going.  She loves writing and is an excellent writer with a lot of great things to share but it’s hard doing “once again grossly understated” it all while keeping this house of crazy people in check.   We’re a very demanding bunch and are a complete drain on her time and energy.  Well at least tomorrow she won’t have to fall asleep at the computer trying to get her blog in.

For an update on my electronic “business” I had my best week so far last week with $400 in profit.  This week so far I’ve made $150 with a couple of days left to try and make some additiional moolah.  I also received my first return on an eBay sale…wah.  Oh well can’t win them all…losing.  Hey if anyone has a used Iphone 4 that they would like to sell let me money baby.

So in closing…Good morning, and in case I don’t see ya, good afternoon, good evening, and good night!


The results, thoughts, and opinions expressed in this blog are those of Michael Clarke alone and in no way constitute an official position of Heather Clarke or the “Running Free In High Heels” staff.


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  1. Posted by Kathy on March 2, 2012 at 9:57 am

    Miachel, All I can say is you are too “cute”. I love your postings……….Mommy


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