Music On Our Playlist Right Now

Little Man with our Ipod

Michael used his Christmas money to start a side business in which he purchases used electronics and sells them on Ebay.  He has done a TERRIFIC job so far.  He was able to purchase a used Ipod to use when running.  I get to use it too for my runs and I love it.  There is nothing like music to keep you going when you are exercising.

Little Man discovered that he is able to do his morning chores happily while using the Ipod as well.  He hooks up his headphones and vacuums away while listening to his favorite artists Peter Furler and Toby Mac.

I love to hear what is on people’s playlists.  It gives me fresh ideas for my own music selections.   So here are the artists on our Ipod:

Mandisa:  You’ve probably heard her on Christian radio.  She was on American Idol. Simon Cowell told her she needed to lose weight.  I saw her in concert last year and she spoke about how his hurtful comments turned into a real gift that God used to set her free from food issues.  Every single song on her album “What if We Were Real” is worth the price of downoading the album.

Peter Furler: He is the former lead singer of the Newsboys.  He stepped down from his career with the group  to take a break because he saw the pressure it was putting on his marriage.  After a hiatus he is back with his own album and it is awesome!  Gotta love the romance in a guy choosing his wife over his very successful career.

Newsboys: Former member of DC Talk, Michael Tait, brings a fresh sound to the mic in which Peter Furler used to sing.  Both albums featuring Tait on lead vocals,”Born Again” and “God is not Dead”, are terrific.

Bon Iver:  I don’t understand it but my husband loves this group,.  I guess they are kind of alternative Christian.  I doubt you will ever hear them on Christian radio.

OneRepublic: This one was my download.  This group reminds me of Coldplay and U2.  I have a couple of their albums downloaded.

Need to Breathe:  A friend got us free tickets to see this group in concert this coming Wednesday.  I hope I am well enough to do it.  You may have heard their song “lay Em’ Down” on local Christian radio.

Mumford & Sons: This is one of my husband’s favorite groups right now.

Rita Springer-  This lady’s worship music is fantastic.  You may have heard her song “I Have to Believe” on the radio recently.  You have to search for her on Youtube.  There is a concert there in which she sings a song (I think it’s “Smile” or has that word in it) about her adopted son and dedicates it to mothers.  I doubt there was a dry eye in the house….just beautiful.

Kari Jobe-  Her song “We Are” is popular right now.  Little Man and Michael saw her live at the “WinterJam” concert in the Phillips Arena.  They said the whole place was worshipping God as she sang.  It was a truly moving moment.


So there’s just a handful of the music we are listening to.  What are you listening to these days?


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