An Update: Blogging, Business, and Birthdays

Little Man at the regional Pinewood Derby competition last Saturday


If you were here on Friday then you know that it was my birthday and my husband gave me three big surprises:

1) He handed me a birthday card at breakfast which he and Little Man served me in bed.  The beautifully worded carded had cash in it.  The amount was the same as what I had given him for Christmas.  He had made the money back  through his new Ebay business.

2)He hijacked “Running Free In High Heels” and wrote a post for my birthday.  Here’s how I found out:

After breakfast I got out my laptop and checked my email.  I had an email from WordPress stating that someone had written a comment in response to my  post.  I was surprised that I missed it the day before.  When I clicked on the link I saw that it was a completely different post than the one I had written.  Big crocodile tears flowed down my cheeks while I read my husband’s sweet words.   I felt truly appreciated.  Sometimes, living this life in high heels can be SO HARD.  Reading his post was a like a drink of cold, refreshing water.  My emotional bank account received a huge deposit.

3) Michael went out and picked up my second round of antibiotics, (I’m still sick) brought them back, and then took the kids  out for the day.   I was able to rest my sick body and enjoy a “mommy time out.”

Did I tell you I have a fantastic husband?

On top of those amazing gifts, the house was decorated with colorful signs adorning the walls with messages like, “You’re pretty, we love you, and happy birthday” on them.  Everywhere I turned there was another sign.  They also bought me a breakfast tray/ computer tray to use when I’m in bed or sitting on the sofa.

I felt so wonderfully spoiled. 🙂  Thank you to everyone who texted, emailed, poasted, called, and sent cards.  It did a sick body good and made my birthday very special.  Thank you for reading my blog and for giving me your support.  I deeply appreciate it.  It’s a little scary exposing some of your heart in public.

That night we had plans to go out to dinner, however, I felt so ill that we decided to save that gift certificate for another time.  Instead, Michael helped me search for blog domain names and begin the process of transforming my site.  Which brings me to the next topic….

Blogging Business

My goal at the beginning of this year regarding my blog was to just “show up and write.”  I didn’t want to rush into buying a domain name or investing any money in the blog until I had proven to myself that I would “show up” regularly.  I also wanted to see what I would feel led to write.  And I also wanted to have the cash in hand so as not to break any of my financial resolutions.  I committed to praying about it.

Michael’s gift and a couple other confirmations have given me the courage to take the step of buying a domain name and to begin designing a website.  We began the work this weekend.  Our research this weekend has helped me to understand what answers I need to come up with to be able to make final decisions.  It’s very exciting.

So sometime-hopefully sooner rather than later- my website will be:

-“”  “WordPress” will no longer be a part of my  address.

-my homepage will look dramatically different (the most difficult and most fun part of the process)

I ‘ll update you as we move through the process.  I’m praying it’s a smooth transition and that you really like the results..

Goals for the Week

All that being said, I’m still focusing on getting well.  Though my energy level is low I think the antibiotics are gaining some ground.

This week I will hold loosely to my goals and make my primary goal be getting better.  So here are the goals-short and sweet:


-Date Night with Michael


-Attend beading class (thankfully the instructor rescheduled for this coming Saturday)

-Read next assigned chapter in “Calm My Anxious Heart”

-Pick up exercising again (hopefully)


-Look at blog samples to narrow down appearance decisions


-Attend Bible Study

-Personal days of prayer and Bible study


-Change Bible memory verses for kids


-Call Speech Therapist


-Email aunt

-Buy this weeks B1G1

-Work on hand written note to loved one on prayer list


-Make pumpkin muffins

It would be great to accomplish these goals this week and feel well again.  Happy goal setting!


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