Valentine’s Day

    Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day at the Clarke household always includes chocolate and a lot of it!  Of course there is always the conversational hearts thrown in and some bubble gum tape, but mostly chocolate.

Little Girl and I made “Chocolate Chip Cake” to bring to our friends’ house tonight.  (I’m not sure where the missing piece went in that picture.)  We are doing a childcare exchange so we both can enjoy nights out with our husbands.  My husband will be serving 650 people tonight at the restaurant!  God bless him!

Little Girl has been making sure that our other dog Arthur gets lots of love while his “sister” Annie recooperates.  I think she is afraid he is getting left out.  I’m not sure he appreciates her extra attention.

Though Little Girl and I spent most of last night coughing, making for a low energy day, I wouldn’t want to spend Valentine’s Day recooperating with any other people.

I love you guys!


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