Goals Update

Noah's car is silver and red

This looks a lot longer in the picture!

A very happy Cub Scout!

Okay, so this was a tough week and many of my goals went right out the door.  I did manage to:

-cook blueberry muffins (from a box) and brownies

-Try MoneySavingMom’s Cheesy Chicken and Rice Bake (it was good but needs a little hot sauce)

-continue practicing Bible Memory verses with the kids (those gumballs are REALLY working!)

-had a good sit down talk with my husband and watched a movie together (“Guarding Tess” oldie but goodie)

-exercised 5 times (I took it easy each time though)

-showed up and wrote some posts, even if a lot of them were about Annie

-played Uno and Legos with Little Man

-played Polly Pockets, paper dolls, painted nails, with Little Girl

-went through both kids’ clothes and Little Man’s toys

-wrote my menu plan, cut coupons, and made a grocery list

-Bible study four times and prayed over things over which God was convicting me

Overall, it really was a productive week.

Goals for this week are really those from last week but updated:


Attend third week of Bible study.  The Bible study is based on the book “Calm My Anxious Heart: A Woman’s Guide to Finding Contentment” that I originally planned on reading in April.  Since my ascent up “Mt. Clutter”, I’ve decided to  go back after that project and read “Organized Simplicity” as I use it to clean my house in April.

Pray over prayer list

Personal Bible study 4 times   I am going to attempt to get up earlier this week to fit this in before I go to the clubhouse to workout.  On the days I workout there I find that I lose time to do the personal Bible study.


Use “Wise Words for Moms” or Bible memory verse when applicable.  I’ve been using our gumball machine as an incentive to go through the kids’ BMVs with them three times each day.  They really like that.

Find a Daddy/daughter date activity


3 days of school with Little Girl       Going to try a computer program called “Funnix Beginning Reading Program”

Begin 2B Singapore book with Little Man


Call friend

Buy B1G1 free items to donate to church food pantry

Call aunt

Pray over prayer list with kids during Bible time


Make more molasses cookies as requested by the kids

Make pumpkin muffins

Follow 15-20 minute cleaning schedule

Complete one “Mt. Clutter” project


Try using 4 minute marriage habit

Check in with babysitter about date night out, she is supposed to be checking her schedule

Plan a date in and pray my husband stays well


Exercise 4 times and use the new Bob Harper video  Yeah! ( I know, I’m sick in the head)

Read 42 pages of “The Husband Project”  I actually looked at the length of the book this time around and have a good idea of how many pages I will need to read this week to be finished by the end of this month.  I haven’t decided if I will actually start the 21 day husband project or just read about it this month.  I’ll give an update next week.

Read chapters 3&4 of “Calm My Anxious Heart” and complete workbook pages for Bible study

Find childcare for beading class that will occur on Feb 25th


After looking at kids’ clothes during cleaning project, think about consignment choices

Make decision about envelopes app

Stay within grocery budget

Choose two items to list on Ebay

We’ll see if this week is a little easier on the emotions and body 🙂  Happy Valentine’s Day and happy goal setting!


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