Annie’s Home


Last night we went to the veterinary clinic to pick up Annie.  When I spoke to the vet on the phone I asked her what Annie would look like.  I wanted to prepare the kids beforehand so they wouldn’t be completely surprised.

We were so happy to see her walk through the doors with the vet.  She seemed disoriented.  She perked up when she heard our voices, though she continued to tremble.  Little Man was visibly upset and Little Girl said, “Jesus, doesn’t want Annie to have an ugly eye.”  Annie also had to have a growth removed from her side which required a large incision.  It was not a pretty sight.  We were happy she was still with us though and that we could take her home and baby her.

The vet walked us out, carrying Annie so I could open the back door of our wagon.  Annie refused to curl up in the blanket I had prepared for her.  She stood the whole trip home.

When we arrived home her little nose was sniffing the air but she was relaxed in my arms.  I tried to give her an opportunity to do her business outside but her legs were too shaky.  She gladly lapped up peanut butter on a spoon and the cheese that had medicine wrapped inside.  These were good signs.

The kids and I made a bed for her in the powder room.  I figured I could keep an eye on her since it opens to the kitchen.  She stood there with her cone around her neck, backside facing us, and just stared at the wall.  I can’t imagine how disorienting it is to have only one good eye.  Her eyes are naturally situated on the sides of her head.  The cone on her neck was blocking her good eye quite a bit.

We quickly decided we would do our bedtime reading sitting next to Annie.  While reading we rubbed her body and scratched behind her ears where we knew she couldn’t reach.   I wrapped her in her down blanket to try to calm the shuddering that ran through her body.  The medicine finally did its job and lulled her into a deep sleep.

Around 2:30am Little Man was woken up by his own wracking cough so I got up with him to make him more comfortable.  We sat with Annie for awhile, offering her more treats which she accepted happily.

By morning, Annie gobbled up her food and slurped her water with great thirst.  She ran into some furniture on her way to the door but managed to get outside.  It pained me to watch her but there’s nothing to be done except help her adjust.  Her naps have been long and heavy but when she is awake she seems happy.

Every time I look at Annie I am looking for her other eye.  She always had those stereotypical “puppy dog eyes”.  It was one of her best features.  I hate seeing her searching, turning her head slightly, in an effort to see.  I just want my old dog back.  I can’t believe how things can change so fast.

In the past 24 hours we have been told of multiple stories regarding pets with one eye…I know it’s common.  But I guess what hurts the most is that I know we are closer to Annie’s end than her beginnining.  I am reminded that we need to be more deliberate in making memories with her in the days ahead.

I guess we could all use that reminder.  Hold your dear ones a little closer, a little longer, and be grateful for the time they are in your life.


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  1. Posted by Kathy on February 10, 2012 at 1:09 am

    You are such a good writer Heather. It is a great story. I am happy she is home with everyone that loves her. Yes, you are correct cherish each moment with the ones you love because life can change in a split second.

    Thanks for sharing Annie’s story. I will pray for her recovery…


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