When Mom is Sick: Thoughts for Sick Moms

When Mom is sick:

the dishes pile up

the dishwasher gets full

an explosion occurs in which toys are strewn all over the house (and yet no one will take credit for it)

little heads and pitter pattering feet can be seen and heard entering and leaving your room

clothes multiply themselves and defy the rule that it only takes one outfit to get through a day (why not five?)

dogs throw up on the carpet

mysterious sticky spots find themselves on the kitchen floor



little cards stating “I love you” make their way to your nightstand

daddy becomes an expert in applying bandages in your place

little hands rub your hand, your back, your head and assure you that “you will get better”


and you realize that you are really needed and loved

It is hard to be a sick mom.  The world doesn’t stop for us.  But a little voice says to us, “be still and know that I am God “.  Be still and rest.


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