Continuing the Climb of Mt. Clutter: The Kid’s Rooms

Sunday night our family was up late watching the Super Bowl.  Monday evening we were going to Cub Scouts for Little Man’s Pinewood Derby Race.  I knew the concentration level for school on Monday morning would be low due to lack of sleep and anticipation of the race.   My husband and son would be tweaking that car all day long.

This was a perfect day for climbing Mt. Clutter.

I decided to begin with my son’s room.  Little Man was busy in the kitchen with Dad adding graphite to his wheels to make his car faster.  He was happy and distracted.

Thankfully, in preparation for Christmas I had used the old “if you don’t get rid of any toys in your room there won’t be room for new Christmas gifts” line with my son.  To his credit he did a fantastic job of cleaning out in December and an amazing job of keeping his room up ever since.  This is major growth on his part.  His natural leaning is toward “pack rat”.  He said recently, Mom, it’s nice to have everything so neat.”  (Can I hear a “Hallelujah Chorus” please?)

We are still working however on the virtue of putting dirty clothes in the hamper instead of stuffing them back in his drawers…..we’ll get there.

I have a bin on the top of his closet where I store clothes for the future.  As I find items at garage sale, thrift stores, and consignment sales I throw them in there.  I do a little victory dance whenever I find jeans at our “Value Village” for $2.50 that don’t have holes in the knees.  They are like gold!  I also buy shoes at Target at the end of the season.  I love those 70% off shoes!  They are becoming more difficult to find as Little Man’s feet grow and that is why I will buy them a size or two ahead if I stumble across a pair.
Anyway, I became familiar again with our stock in tees and shorts.  I breathed a sigh of relief when I found that he doesn’t need anything but a pair of church shorts, flip flops, and a bathing suit.  This was good news.
I managed to clean out enough clothes to fill a bag for consignment.  I added a couple of little things to our garage sale pile.  I cleaned out some broken toys  and straightened his toy bins a little.  There were actually a couple empty drawers in his Rubbermaid containers.  Wonder of wonders!
In all, I feel like everything in Little Man’s room is being used and is still useful.  With the exception of perhaps letting go of a couple race ribbons  and framing his favorites in the future, there’s not much else to do in his room.
By the way, if your child is having difficulty getting his clothes in his drawers you may want to try something I did a little while back.  Little Man’s drawers were too high to reach when he was younger and everything got thrown in together.  I put long plastic bins underhis bed and labeled them with noth pictures and words, separating them into “long sleeve shirts”, short sleeve shirts”, “long pants”, and “shorts”.  He learned the words and everything was in the right place.  There’s a picture of this below.  Hope that helps!
I never did get to Little Girl’s room though.  The cold that hit my husband and then my daughter started to overcome my body by Monday afternoon.  I felt like I hit a brick wall.  A post on “When Mom is Sick” is coming soon!

Under the bed bins-clothes actually make it in here!


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