Climbing Mt. Clutter: Why You Shouldn’t Let Your Little Girl in her Room When You Are Cleaning it Out

Today has been quite a day.

Last night Noah said his throat was “full” (post nasal drip).   He was in full blown cold mode this morning.

Then we had an accident in which our dog Annie got hit with the back door on her way out.  Being a Boston Terrier, she has especially bulbous eyes.  One of them got hit just right and….well I’ll spare you the details.  Annie will be fine but the vet couldn’t save her eye.  We’ve all been in shock and thus distracted.  Everyone is sniffling or sneezing due to the cold….and so we’ve been trying to keep ourselves busy while Annie’s in surgery.  (We will pick her up at 7:30pm tonight).

I decided to attack Little Girl’s clothes since my son wasn’t feeling well enough for school.  Little Girl decided to stay in the room with me which was fine for most of the time.  However, I opened a bag of last summer’s things and she wanted to try them on.

“They’re too small for you now, honey.  You are growing bigger”, I told her.

With tears in her eyes, “But I don’t want to grow bigger.  I’m little Mommy, I’m little!” she declared as she put her fingers under my chin to lift up my face, to  make sure I was listening to her.  She then proceeded to grab piles of clothes and put them in her dresser drawer.

Okay, I guess I need to do this a little more discreetly.  Up to this moment she had gladly tried on dresses and shoes, giving a “yes” or a “no” on clothing I had stowed away.

Maybe she saw too many things leave her room.  Either way I realized that any other “cleaning out the clutter” activities would have to happen when she is not there.  But I don’t think I did too badly.  Here are some pictures.

There are bins on the top of the closet for future shoes, fall 2012, and future pajamas.  There’s a blue bag underneath that contains her summer wardrobe.  She still needs an Easter dress, sandals and church shoes and another dress or two for church.  I probably will buy one more skirt for play because she refuses to wear shorts or pants.

Here are the bags of clothes I was able to clear out for consignment.  Yes, my dining room table is on a slant.  My husband and son have it propped up so they can test race Little Man’s car and tweak it for the next Pinewood Derby race.  He will go to the regional competition next weekend to race his car.  Meanwhile, I have a slanted dining room table. 🙂

How has your journey been climbing Mt. Clutter?


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