Goals Update

This past week I was supposed to accomplish the following:


Attend first Bible study meeting at church  

Pray over prayer list

Bible study 4x’s  This happened 3 times


Use “Wise Words for Moms” scriputres as I discipline kids (this will be on my list for awhile because I want it to become a habit  I used a Bible memory verse that isn’t on the chart but it was the same idea

Read “Heaven ” section of “Money, Possessions, and Eternity” to Little Man  did not happen, bed times were rough this week and I need to work on them this week


Sign up for personal account with Math Drills now that we have tried it for two weeks

3 days of school with Abby  only two days

Order tickets for Little Girl and husband for Spivey concert (Daddy/daughter date for month)  I called the education director five times and left two messages with no response, very disappointed because this was supposed to happen on Monday.  I will have to find another Daddy/daughter date idea.


Call friend from childhood  This didn’t happen but I did talk to a family member who needed to talk.  That is more important.

Update prayer list


Cook gingerbread cookies with kids and make cinnamon muffins   Requests were made for a repeat of this recipe

Menu plan and organize coupons ( I seem to do this at the same time)

Follow cleaning schedule  (having friends over for Super Bowl so I need to get this done)  followed this for two days and then fell off the wagon to do Mt. Clutter project.  We will be getting the house ready for Super Bowl guests this weekend so I’m not too concerned.  If I had cleaned the powder room on Wed. it would have been nasty by tomorrow.


Call babysitter to check availability for third weekend in February (My sister kindly sent us tix to the Alvin Ailey Dance company’s performance as a gift for my birthday.  Love ya Kelly!)

Plan this week’s “date-in” 

Try to sit down twice with husband this week to check in We sat down once and it wasn’t pretty.  My husband had a nasty cold and it’s just tough to talk when all you want to do is sleep.


Okay, right here it is supposed to say “exercise 4 times”.  I hit a button and it is gone.  I’m still getting used to this.  I did exercise four times and one day was a weight training video.  The Bob Harper video showed up.  Yeah!!!

Begin reading “Organized Simplicity” and post  (I’m waiting for “The Husband Project to come in the mail so I have some time to finish “Money, Possessions, and Eternity” and will post about that)   I read this and decided I’m switching it to April.  Details below.

Find childcare for beading class on the 4th, double check that it is a beginner’s class (this is supposed to be my “crafty” DIY  project for this month) Checked into this and found I was wrong.  The beginner class isn’t until February 25th.  II’m excited about that because my birthday is the 24th.  I’m going to ask for the class as a birthday gift since there is a fee.  Now I have to try to find childcare.


Begin online work for business project

Make plan for February “clean the clutter” project which will produce items for consignment

Make decision about whether I will consign with a store or a consignment sale  still thinking about this

Use envelope system

Stay within grocery budget   started this but finding it difficult to take time to reconcile envelopes

List some items on  Ebay  have not done this yet but I did pick up my balance at consignment shop



Goals for this Week:



Attend second week of Bible study.  The Bible study is based on the book “Calm My Anxious Heart: A Woman’s Guide to Finding Contentment” that I originally planned on reading in April.  Since my ascent up “Mt. Clutter”, I’ve decided to  go back after that project and read “Organized Simplicity” as I use it to clean my house in April.

Pray over prayer list

Personal Bible study 4 times   I am going to attempt to get up earlier this week to fit this in before I go to the clubhouse to workout.  On the days I workout there I find that I lose time to do the personal Bible study.



Use “Wise Words for Moms” or Bible memory verse when applicable.  I’ve been using our gumball machine as an incentive to go through the kids’ BMVs with them three times each day.  They really like that.

I’m on my own with bedtime because my husband works at nights.  It is really a struggle to do more than pray.  We read the Bible in the morning before school but I wanted to doa devotional with each of them at night.  I am using my Stormie Omartian cards most nights or the Spirit’s leading.

Find a Daddy/daughter date activity



3 days of school with Little Girl       Going to try a computer program called “Funnix Beginning Reading Program”

Begin 2B Singapore book with Little Man



Call friend

Buy B1G1 free items to donate to church food pantry.  Have kids choose.

Call aunt

Pray over prayer list with kids during Bible time



Make more molasses cookies as requested by the kids

Make blueberry muffins

Follow 15-20 minute cleaning schedule

Complete next two “Mt. Clutter” projects



Try using 4 minute marriage habit

Check in with babysitter about date night out, she is supposed to be checking her schedule

Plan a date in and pray my husband stays well



Exercise 4 times and use the new Bob Harper video  Yeah! ( I know, I’m sick in the head)

Read 42 pages of “The Husband Project”  I actually looked at the length of the book this time around and have a good idea of how many pages I will need to read this week to be finished by the end of this month.  I haven’t decided if I will actually start the 21 day husband project or just read about it this month.  I’ll give an update next week.

Read chapters 1 and 2 of “Calm My Anxious Heart” and complete workbook pages for Bible study

Find childcare for beading class that will occur on Feb 25th



After looking at kids’ clothes during cleaning project, think about consignment choices

Update envelopes on assigned day

Stay within grocery budget

Choose two items to list on Ebay

Make appointment with friend for blog meeting


Okay, I think that’s it.  Please pray for me that I can get up a little earlier this week.  Happy goal setting!





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