A Week That Ended in a Bang!

This was a wonderful, exhausting, soul-challenging, exhilerating week that deserves a pause to just sit and absorb the “what just happened here?” aspect of this week.

As you may have noticed (wink,wink) something pretty cool happened here yesterday.  Crystal, aka “The Money Saving Mom”, linked one of my posts to her Facebook page.  I was humbled by the kind and generous gesture this was.

The Money Saving Mom blog has tons of readers.  Crystal has devoted time, energy, tears, and faith to that blog.  She has earned the readership, although I think she is the kind of person who would say, “all glory and honor be to God for what this blog has become.”   Thank you for obeying all that He has called you to do Crystal.  Your obedience has touched so many lives.

Just a week ago I was having a conversation about prayer with a friend.  In our conversation my friend made a parallel between her dad and her heavenly Father.  She said that when she was growing up she would ask her dad for things or for him to take her to certain events.  She was questioned by a family member about being so bold about what she asked of her father.  My friend’s response was, “Well, you don’t know unless you ask.”

 She said that this is her same attitude about prayer.  God is her heavenly Father.  He wants her to ask.  It pleases Him that she would ask.  He has the right to give her whatever answer He wants, but He wants her to feel comfortable coming to Him…the same way she felt going to her earthly father.

I had that conversation running through the back of my mind all week.  It blew wind in the sails of my prayers.  And when I read a post Thursday on the Money Saving Mom blog that stated they were looking for guest post submissions, that conversation gave me the courage to inquire about guest posting.

I wrote  “Climbing Mt. Clutter” on Thursday afternoon.  I didn’t read the guest post instructions until after I had published the post.   The guidelines state that the material for submission has to be unpublished.  I wanted to find out if that included on my own blog or just in other publications.  “You don’t know unless you ask”,  spurred me on as I typed my email and  hit Send.

I had a really difficult night that evening with one of my children.  I mean difficult.  The kind of difficult that makes you wonder if there is a three ring circus somewhere that you could travel with for awhile.  Really, it had been building up all week.

On top of that my husband and I had had a misunderstanding that put me in a bit of a funk.  You know, one of those weeks.

By Friday morning, my new ritual of joining the early bird crowd at Starbucks was looking very unappealing.  I was having a pity party as I stared up at the ceiling.  “Okay God, I’ll show up, but I don’t have anything to write.”

So I showed up at Starbucks, and after caffeinating myself, composed “Eat That Frog:Be Your Own Tanya”.  In the middle of that writing session I checked my mail and found an email from Crystal. It stated that I wouldn’t be able to submit the post but she wanted to see it.  Would  I send the link?

“Well, of course!” I thought, as my heart began to pump faster and I fumbled through sending a link and return message.  A short while later, Crystal responded again.

She loved it and just posted it on her Facebook page.

Oh, my.

I sat in Starbucks with my jaw on the table.

And then I drove home in a daze because I had just viewed my post on the Money Saving Mom’s Facebook page.

My email box filled up with encouraging words and comments stating that the post inspired people to climb their “Mt. Clutter”.  I was so thankful that people took the time to say anything at all.  Thank you so much everybody.  Now you understand how much I needed to hear those words.

Watching the number of views on my dashboard in WordPress increase throughout the day was just exhilerating.  And I want to say “WELCOME” to the new subscribers.  I hope that something I share can bless you in our time together.

I feel humbled by this experience.  Time is precious and the fact that anybody would stop to read my post just makes me extremely grateful.  I have been working on my vision statement for this blog and though this is a little rough, here’s what I have so far-and here is my heart for you:

        I desire to write about the issues that the high-heeled population( ie. adult women)  deal with each day using humility, practical information, humorous anecdotes, and God’s wisdom.  I desire to lead women to the truth that all of life can be lived with a sense of freedom rather than burden when we realize that all our needs can be fulfilled b y   Him- if we would just ask.

Thank you for joining me on this journey.  By God’s grace I will fulfill this vision.  I am grateful for you and honored to be used in His service.


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