Do These Cookies Make my Butt Look Big?

I spent part of my evening last night making “Molasses Crinkle Coookies”.  I found the recipe on the side of a jar of Grandma’s Molasses.  I love molasses.  I put it in my oatmeal to sweeten it.  My favorite salt water taffy is molasses flavor.  When I was a little girl there was a box of molasses cookies that my mom would buy that came in what I called the “Halloween box” because it was black and orange.  They were dark brown and crunchy.  I would dip them in milk to soften them before I took a bite.  Ahhhh….delicious!

I was craving that molasses flavor so I used the excuse “Let’s make cookies together kids!” to get my fix.  (Okay I know I”m not the only guilty mom out there who has used her kids for cookies.)

So the recipe calls for a stick of butter- or at least that’s what I threw in.   And then lots of sugar follows.  Just divine. These little babies were crisp on the outside and were soft and gooey on the inside- my favorite qualities in a cookie.  And they tasted exactly like the “Halloween cookies”.  Score!

I ate the fruit of my labor while trying this recipe at  Stephanie Cooks for “Whole Wheat Cinnamon Muffins”.  I’ve been looking for new additions to our breakfast repertoire that isn’t full of processed ingredients.  My kids said they would eat cinnamon muffins so I went to work to find an acceptable recipe.

Little Man gave this recipe a thumbs up, although I’m sure if I added a brown sugar topping the muffins would have earned a two thumbs up.  When I asked Little Girl she said, “Sure!”.  So, we gave these a try.

This morning the muffins were a little chewier when they were cold and my kids were not as enthusiastic about them.  Being the cool mom that I am (more like sleep deprived and really not up to cooking anything) I shocked my children by offering, “Frosting!  Let’s put frosting on them!”  My children looked at me in stunned disbelief for a moment – and then jumped on that opportunity.  Needless to say they were all smiles.

At least these went a little better than last week’s beans. 🙂

PS- The answer to the above question is: Who cares!  They’re delicious!


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  1. Posted by Kathy Coleman on February 1, 2012 at 2:52 pm

    I remember those mollasses cookies also. I loved them. The kids are getting so big. I love Abby’s hair. Please keep posting, I read all of them and look forward to them.
    Love you,


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