Goals Update

Here are the goals that I was supposed to accomplish this week:


Determine set amount for grocery budget after looking over what we spent this past month

Set up envelope system to be used in February


Personal Bible study most days

Pray through specific prayer list 4 times (2 times but prayed about other things as led by the Lord so  not a loss)

Determine if I will add any classes outside of what I am doing already 


Stick to menu plan 

Cook pumpkin muffins and cookies

Try new cleaning schedule keeping cleaning time from 15-20 minutes (this is SUCH a weak area for me)  Have today to finish and think I will get to it.  This might work for me, but would like to see how I do over a month’s time


Exercise 4 times (weather permitting add a stroller walk with Little Girl)  Yes! Even got a fifth thanks to  the weather

Eat well

Look at 5K options (want to find one that is a fundraiser for the community or other worthy cause to kill 2 birds with one stone)  Run for the Bun is in May, just going to check the date to make sure I have nothing else going on


Call an old friend and family member

Write notes to two people on prayer list


DIY project for January #2: Soak beans and use for quesadillas

Finish reading “Eat That Frog” and “Money, Possessions, and Eternity” ( Technically I have until next Tuesday.  I’ll probably need every minute.  The Money and Possessions one is really long but soooo good.  I would like to do a series about it.)    Eat That Frog is done, so that is why I crossed it out I’ve got four days to get five chapters read……


Plan next weekend’s  “date night in”   Michael and I love games so we are going to play with the table ping pong set I bought him for Christmas and some games on his 3DS, I guess I’m weird like that

Make two other times to catch up with hubby (wish I could be more specific with myself but husband’s schedule is new every week)  I found one time but he hasn’t been feeling well, so he’s been sleeping a lot when he is home.


Use “Wise Words for Moms” when training/disciplining   Excited about this, used it at least five times and rememberedd to tell her that God disciplines those he loves, and so do we.

Read section about heaven in “Money, Possessions, and Eternity” book to Little Man  This didn’t happen.  I’d still like to make that happen.


Use math drills with Little Man

Begin using “Writing with Ease”

Three days of school with Little Girl

Visit library

I did these last three homeschool activities as well but for some reason the WordPress program started acting up so I wasn’t able to cross them out.

Overall I’m happy with the week.  I feel like God has been pouring His grace over me, giving me the ability to persevere.   I had some moments when I wanted to quit and in these particular situations I would have gotten derailed.  But  Iwasn’t derailed, I didn’t undergo a long term “funk”.  I got up again and moved along.  I think having a list already helped with this because I would just move on to one of the activities that didn’t require as much of me, if you know what I mean.


(I published this post forgetting to post my goals for the coming week.  Ha, ha, ha.)


Attend first Bible study meeting at church

Pray over prayer list

Personal Bible study 4x’s



Use “Wise Words for Moms” scriputres as I discipline kids (this will be on my list for awhile because I want it to become a habit

Read “Heaven ” section of “Money, Possessions, and Eternity” to Little Man



Sign up for personal account with Math Drills now that we have tried it for two weeks

3 days of school with Abby

Order tickets for Little Girl and husband for Spivey concert (Daddy/daughter date for month)



Call friend from childhood

Update prayer list



Cook gingerbread cookies with kids and make cinnamon muffins

Menu plan and organize coupons ( I seem to do this at the same time)

Follow cleaning schedule  (having friends over for Super Bowl so I need to get this done)



Call babysitter to check availability for third weekend in February (My sister kindly sent us tix to the Alvin Ailey Dance company’s performance as a gift for my birthday.  Love ya Kelly!)

Plan this week’s “date-in”

Try to sit down twice with husband this week to check in



Aiming for 4x’s but would be elated with 5.  Ordered a brand new Bob Harper video with a gift card.  It will be my “something new” in my exercise program this month.  Can’t wait for it to arrive so he can kick my butt!

Begin reading “Organized Simplicity” and post  (I’m waiting for “The Husband Project to come in the mail so I have some time to finish “Money, Possessions, and Eternity” and will post about that)

Find childcare for beading class on the 4th, double check that it is a beginner’s class (this is supposed to be my “crafty” DIY  project for this month)



Begin online work for business project

Make plan for February “clean the clutter” project which will produce items for consignment

Make decision about whether I will consign with a store or a consignment sale

Use envelope system

Stay within grocery budget

List some items on Ebay


Okay, I think that covers it.

Here’s to another week of moving forward with passion and focus!  Please tell me about how things are going with your lists or goals.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Kathy Coleman on February 1, 2012 at 2:56 pm

    I don’t know how you keep this up. I’m exhausted just reading it. The envelope system really works. I showed that to Michael years ago. After reading your post, I decided to go back to the envelope system and it really does work. I am on track with my budget and I see exactly where the money goes. Thanks for reminding me of that.
    Love you,


    • Hey Kathy, Michael told me how you helped him and how much he appreciated it. I think the people who help us the most in life are the ones who come alongside us and show us the way instead of just telling us to change. You came alongside him and he was greatly helped. Love you back!


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