Plans for February

Can you believe it is January 25th?  How did THAT happen?

I have some words to describe the month: inspiring, challenging, hopeful, tiring, satisfying, creative, meaningful.

I think my emotions have had their highs and lows through the month of January.  As I thought out my goals, planned them out, reworked them and wrote them down I felt inspired, invigorated, focused.  The first week was great and I felt like I was flying.  The second week I was feeling tired but was moving steadily working out kinks in my schedule.

Then the third week the natives (and myself I must admit) were bucking some things and I realized that it was a good thing God had laid it on my heart to tape a notecard on my desk at the beginning of the month with the following quotes:

           “Predetermine that you will do and obey what God has said to you, for in the heat of battle things can look mighty different, especially when unmet expectations and desires or rejection and opposition distort your vision.

            No matter what the cost, no matter what you feel , no matter what other people say or do, you are going to obey your Father. “

            This is no one else’s calling but yours- own it.

             Set your face like flint.  

            Remember Luke 9:51-62

At the beginning of this fourth week a familiar feeling came over me and I asked myself, “What is it?”  I realized it is similar to  that point in a workout when my body has finally committed (or perhaps resigned) to what I am doing.  I am IN IT,  and though it is taking some adjustment, causing feelings of tiredness to come and go, I am warmed up and my body is humming.

Most likely, my feelings will continue to go up and down, that is the way of things, but I will set my face like flint.

I want these new changes in my life to stick.  I know that I’m going to feel like stopping.  At those times I will probably need to physically rest, take a little time out, but then I will need to get back on the horse.  Thankfully, I’ve been through a similar process with my personal fitness journey.   I can use that knowledge to help me turn these changes into WHO I AM.

In regards to this blog I plan to keep writing.  I have hopes and desires that I would like to see in the future but ultimately I want to keep writing.  I am hopeful that in sharing my life story, others will find help for their own.

Okay.  February.

I purchased the Money Saving Mom’s new book “The Money Saving Mom’s Budget” and plan to use it as a guide for the upcoming months’ activities.  She designates areas to focus on each month.  Last month’s focus was goal setting.  This month’s focus is personal priorities, time budgeting, and  clearing out the clutter.  That is my theme for February.

These are my goals for the month:


Use envelope system (I’m almost done setting up through an app on my Ipad)

Stay within the grocery budget and make do until the end of each week if we have used items up (pray the natives cooperate)

Sell some items on eEbay, Craigslist, consignment as I clean out the clutter

Find time for writing posts within time budget



Post once a week as I go through “Time, Money, and Possessions” a second time using the workbook in back by Randy Alcorn

(This study has had such an impact on me….the kind of book that is changing how I view everything.  I will post about this separately.)

Regular quiet times

Regular prayer list time




Weekly “date-ins”

One date out

Read “Four Minute Marriage Habit” again and begin to implement


Household management:

Four weeks of consistently following 15-20minute cleaning plan

One grocery shopping trip a week (Trying to decrease trips out of my home and I tend to buy more at the store the more often I go.)

Use “Organized Simplicity” as a guide throughout month of cleaning out the clutter



Consistently add an extra day of exercise to my schedule(trying to get a second day of weight training back in my routine but would be happy with this being an active time with my kids-tennis, walking, running around kicking a ball,etc)

Decide on spring 5K and sign up

Complete February’s DIY projects

Read February’s assigned books (I may be changing the SImplicity book to “Organized Simplicity” .  Iwas able to get this for free when I purchased the Money Saving Mom book.  It is the same topic as the other book so I feel good about it.  The book choice was motivated by a desire to stay inspired.)



Four weeks of consistently using “Wise Words for Moms”

Start holding “Family Meetings” again



Set up a math drills account for Little Man so his drills can be personalized

Find more preschool sites to use with Little Girl



Decide and do community project with family

Update prayer list

Write two letters to people from prayer list


Okay, hopefully I didn’t miss anything here.  Now to print this up and put it on my kitchen cabinet.  my kitchen is nicely decorated with my weekly goals, menu plans, receipt bag, cleaning schedule….. but it’s all good.  I am moving forward with purpose and passion.

Come join me!  It’s never too late to start setting goals and creating new habits.  Who says it has to be in January 🙂








2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Jenn on January 27, 2012 at 2:00 pm

    Hey lady, I am so inspired by you. You are doing great trying to make these changes stick. I know that God is going to bless your efforts. Keep it up! : )


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