I’ve Canceled My Gym Membership

Yeah- you read that right.  Actually, I froze my membership because I didn’t want to lose the incredible deal I have over there if this little experiment backfires.

What happened?

Well, my husband and I are on a mission to drastically reduce our debt this year.  We have been looking for any and every budget cut to make this happen.

Last year, during a month long struggle with sickness and allergies, I didn’t visit the gym.  I became really familiar with exercise videos and our community clubhouse gym.  Late summmer and into the fall I began running again and realized, with the help of Pandora on my husband’s phone, that running wasn’t so bad after all…..rather mind cleansing actually.

It occurred to me that maybe I have enough “tools” now to let go of my membership and maanage this fitness thing on my own.  Granted, our clubhouse has an elliptical trainer and treadmill.  Although having those two machines is the eqquivalent to someone owning one at home. The all-in-one nautilus type system is TERRIBLE, so that doesn’t even count.  I will have to rely on my own handweights.

I had some trouble with my knees at the end of the summer so I’m not sure how they will hold out.  I would like to run a 5K and a 10K but may be limited due to that issue.  We’ll see.

Can I do this “no gym membership” thing?  I don’t know yet….but I would really like to try.  So I will keep you updated as to how things are going.

I know there are people who have asked me in the past what it is exactly I do to stay fit.  Woould you like me to do that again?  Leave comments if you are interested.


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