Goals Accomplished and Goals Looking Forward

This year I am going to attempt to regularly post my goals for the week and then track what I have managed to accomplish.

This past week my goals were:


Discuss possible categories in budget that could be reduced

Try to get Swagbucks on Ipad   (doesn’t work)

Discuss phone plan options



Personal Bible study most days

Find out what classes are offered at my church this sememster

Pray over prayer list  (did it but not as much as I would have liked, aiming for more times this week)



Stick to menu plan

Make cookies, mini meatloaves, and pumpkin muffins  (thank goodness for MLK day, this really took a lot of time, not sure how freezer cooking days happen without a day off from school)



4 times this week

Look at Fitness magazine app for Ipad  (thought this was something it wasn’t, just a copy of my subscription for my Ipad, bummer, hate wasted time)

My “something new each month” goal: do one day of weight training at home



Talk to Mom about summer vacation plans

Make Super Bowl party plans

Little Man  work on thank yous for Christmas gifts  ((almost done and so painful at times)



Mommy Time Out  (Had to get up and get out by 7:30 am to make this happen before taking kids to Fine Arts Academy later in the morning but worth every second of dragging my behind out of my pajamas and into my clothes…..every second)

Craft item of month: work on spring wreath (cutting this close, supposed to do it this afternoon)



Date night out planned for tomorrow  (Couldn’t have a “date night in” this past Sunday which was technically the beginning of the week and Michael’s day off, but missed it for a good cause.  Hubby and Little Man went to the Winter Jam and got spiritually refreshed and had their “Daddy/son” date)

The surprise was that we cooked all day together on Monday and snatched some time to talkk on Tuesday.  Not too bad for our current crazy life.



Date with Little Girl (went to Michael’s Craft store for a Fancy Nancy craft and storytime party. False advertising: no storytime and the craft was putting a sheet of stickers on a paper crown.  Come on Michael’s, you can do better than that. Little Girl had Christmas money and she needs replacement “fancy shoes” because hers are disintegrating.  Another bummer.  Target and Payless had nothing.)

Use scripture from “Wise Words for Mothers”  It would have helped if I had taken this out of the pile on my desk and put it in the kitchen.  I did manage to talk- multiple times- with Little Girl about her tongue, God’s expectations, and obedience to Mommy and Daddy.  This week I am determined to use the “Wise Words” though.


Have Little Man double up on grammar

Practice “L” for speech therapy

Work on morning routine (We were on and off in this area.  My husband’s schedule changes from week to week.  I sometimes have to fit my workout in during the morning hours because he won’t be around in the afternoon to be with the kids.  I’m really working hard at getting Little Man to stay motivated through his chores and workboxes with or without me there.  This is an ongoing challenge.)


Wow, this took a long time to type.  There has got to be a more efficient way of doing this.  I will try to keep this coming week’s goals short and sweet.  Here goes:



Determine set amount for grocery budget after looking over what we spent this past month

Set up envelope system to be used in February



Personal Bible study most days

Pray through specific prayer list 4 times

Determine if I will add any classes outside of what I am doing already



Stick to menu plan

Cook pumpkin muffins and cookies

Try new cleaning schedule keeping cleaning time from 15-20 minutes (this is SUCH a weak area for me)



Exercise 4 times (weather permitting add a stroller walk with Little Girl)

Eat well

Look at 5K options (want to find one that is a fundraiser for the community or other worthy cause to kill 2 birds with one stone)



Call an old friend and family member

Write notes to two people on prayer list



DIY project for January #2: Soak beans and use for quesadillas

Finish reading “Eat That Frog” and “Money, Possessions, and Eternity” ( Technically I have until next Tuesday.  I’ll probably need every minute.  The Money and Possessions one is really long but soooo good.  I would like to do a series about it.)



Plan next weekend’s  “date night in”

Make two other times to catch up with hubby (wish I could be more specific with myself but husband’s schedule is new every week)



Use “Wise Words for Moms” when training/disciplining

Read section about heaven in “Money, Possessions, and Eternity” book to Little Man



Use math drills with Little Man

Begin using “Writing with Ease”

Three days of school with Little Girl

Visit library


Typing all of this took a lot of time but I will say that it was kind of a review and cleansing_ out with the old and in with the new.  There are some things I am excited about doing this week and other things I will need a day of rest tomorrow to be ready to attack.

Thank you for being a sounding board for all my goal setting thoughts.  I would love to hear about your goal setting endeavors.  Leave comments if you have a moment.  You may inspire someone.


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