Goals for 2012

My New Year’s resolution for 2012  was to determine specific goals that I wanted to reach by the end of the year.

I work hard every day to cross things off my to-do list, to give myself a sense of satisfaction and progress.  Those to-do lists are just for my days, sometimes my weeks, but never my months or even a year.

I also enjoy coming up with ideas and vision for our future as a family and myself as an individual.  Those ideas never really turn into anything.  They might actually get up into the air but the engines sputter and my ideas never take a long distance flight.

My problem is that I never really sit down to take the time to put those two activities together: dream and then break my dream into specific, measurable,  attainable, relevant, time bound goals that will make my dreams, my vision actually happen.

I want that to change this year.

Over the past couple weeks I have been thinking and reading and reading and thinking.  Some of the questions I have asked myself are, “What is important to me?  What needs to change? Where would I like to see myself, our family, my marriage, my finances at the end of 2012?”

This line of questioning has led me to compile a list of goals for 2012.  Here are some of those goals:


Continue regular morning Bible study/prayer  times

Maintain updated prayer list which I routinely pray over (already this is keeping me so much more focused during prayer time)

Read 24 books

Complete 24 DIY projects

Complete a 5K (as long as knees cooperate) perhaps a 10K?

Learn a new craft or complete a craft each month

Incorporate something new (or something I haven’t done in awhile) in my physical fitness routine to keep myself inspired (zumba, new Bob Harper video, try Jillian Michaels, etc)


In-house date night each week

Once-a-month date night out

Read 2 marriage related books

At least one weekend away together (hopefully  two)

Make a habit of the “Four Minute Marriage Habit” from A Holy Experience blog


Multiple family daycations to build memories together (the water park, Jackson lake)

Keep regular monthly dates with each child

Monthly family meetings

Regular use of scripture in training and discipline

Praying throughout the day out loud as problems come up


Complete 2nd grade with Noah

Begin 3rd grade with Noah

Begin more formal phonics/beginning reading program with Abby

Household Management

Have a firmly established routine of weekly menu planning

Lower the grocery bill

Determine a comfortable cleaning schedule(ie one that will actually get completed) and make a habit of it


Two handwritten notes sent out based on prayer list

Choose a community or missions need to focus on monthly as a family (collect food for food bank, Hands on Henry?, collect sneakers for distribution in India)


Regularly tithe

Create more streams of income

Pay down debt

On Saturday or Sunday of each weekend I sit down and list SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, time bound) goals for the week based on my yearly goals.  I also have broken down target goals by month that pertain to the year goals.

Listen, as I’m typing this list I’m realizing that coming up with a list of goals for the year may seem very time consuming.  Yes, it takes time.  But you can break the work up into chunks.  You could also turn the time into a personal retreat.  Go to the coffee shop or the bookstore, buy something to drink, open a fresh journal and dream for a little bit.  I promise this will get the brain going.

Already, I’m finding that the weekly goals list is helping me stay focused.  I don’t feel so much like a pinball machine.  I know that this ball is working toward an overall specific goal.  That is a good, may I even say, peaceful feeling.

My tiredness at the end of the day is not wearisome because I know I am getting somewhere.

(It makes me smile just to type that sentence.)

Are you tired of feeling like you spin your wheels all day and aren’t really sure that your tiredness has anything to show for it?  Are you a person like me who gets some momentum and then sputters out?  You may want to consider goal setting too.

I think the reward of seeing measurable, attainable mini goals getting checked off and knowing the bigger goal is getting slowly but surely accomplished will resolve those “I’m getting nowhere” feelings.

That’s what is motivating me this year.

I’m going to give this try.  As I said in previous posts, I’m going to listen to my mentors.  Goal setting is working for a lot of people out there.  Perhaps it will work for me.  I am going to use this blog to keep myself accountable as just one more way to try to ensure my succcess.

Would you join me on this goal setting journey?


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