24 DIY Projects

Over the years I have admired “from scratch” projects, whether they be food, cleaning products, crafts, etc.

Last year I tried my hand at homemade all-purpose cleaning spray and toilet cleaner.   I was very happy with the cleaning spray and use it to this day.  I have yet to find a toilet cleaner – homemade or store bought- that does the job completely. ( I wish those scrubbing bubbles that whirl around the toilet on the commercials would also come up out of the bowl and clean the toilet seat and outside of the bowl.  Now that would be a perfect world.)

Here are my DIY projects for 2012:

January: homemade Shout, soaking dry beans for cooking

February: laundry detergent, beading necklaces or bracelet (class at Michael’s supposedly

if anyone wants to join me, I think it is free except materials)

March: homemade dish detergent, pizza dough

April: face wash, crock pot yogurt

May: bubble bath, strawberry freezer jam

June: shaving cream, ice cream in a bag

July: moisturizing hand scrub, guacamole

August: hand lotion, quinoa salad

September: vicks vapor rub, apple butter

October: pecan pie, apple pie

November: hair detangler, chocolate candy pops

December: salt dough ornaments, soft pretzels


Last week I tried my hand at homemade Shout.  Being that my husband is a bartender who wears white shirts, we use a lot of stain remover.  The homemade stuff works on the everyday stains.  It is a keeper.

Next project for January is soaking beans.  Looking forward to using the beans in quesadillas with some cheese and corn.  I could use more vegetarian recipes if you have any suggestions.


Here’s to a great new year of expanding my horizons!



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