Comparing Ourselves With Others 01/17/12

The other day I mentioned that I had struggled with feeling defeated after reading some of the blogs that I follow regularly.  I had found myself thinking, “How does she do it?  I’m never going to be like that.” And sometimes I found myself angry about it….the green monster of jealousy rearing its ugly head in my heart.  I took some time off of blog reading when I realized what was wrong with my heart.

In the last week of December, as I was thinking about my New Year’s resolutions, I had an epiphany about following blogs.   Actually, I think God said, “Heather, why don’t you start thinking of it this way.  Let these women be your mentors.  Learn from their victories and defeats.  Let it be a blessing to you and help you.”  My thoughts were led back in time

Not too long ago my husband told me about a conversation he had with a regular customer about his business.  This customer, who is a millionaire himself,  said that he regularly meets with his mentor, a billionaire.  He knows he can glean something from this guy and is taking steps in his own career that mirror that of his mentor.

What struck me about this conversation was that this millionaire who had every right to think that he was “all that” because of what he had accomplished thought nothing of humbling himself and learning from another successful person.

I decided this year that it is time to stop worrying about what everyone else is doing and wannting to catch up.  Instead I need to learn from others and, if it applies, learn from and even model their choices.  Why not use what has been tried and proven to work?

I made my book list, my DIY list and my goals for 2012 list for this very reason.  It works and I would like to grow as a person, a child of God, a wife, and mother.  I want to make progress and I want to see my progress.

Go see’s post about comparison.  Apparently, everyone struggles with it. 🙂


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