A Vision for a New Year




The past couple weeks have been wonderfully and exhaustingly (is that a word?) FULL. We celebrated Christmas with family, Little Girl’s birthday with friends, celebrated other friend’s big days, played with Gifts, went ice skating a second time, and began homeschooling again.

During this time I have been revisiting old “friends” such as The Money Saving Mom and beginning a new journey as an intentional goal maker in all aspects of life.

In the blogosphere a hot topic is goal making for the coming year. Some goals are for book reading, do it yourself projects, personal improvement, business growth, and so on. To be honest I have sometimes closed my laptop after reading on blog after another of superwomen who are seemingly doing it all with icing on top. Oh, the green monster has reared it’s ugly head!

This year I decided that I could stop reading blogs altogether or I could choose to treat them as mentors on the road of life. Can I tell you that changing my viewpoint has made all the difference?

I have decided to learn from others’ mistakes and victories and let them spur me on instead of feeling awful about myself or even jealous.

I want to be successful in my own life, to see growth, progress. So I have decided to be purposeful and begin my own goal making.

I have a list of 24 books and 24 DIY projects that I want to accomplish. I sat down last week and determined a number of goals I want to accomplish as a child of God, as a wife, as a mother, as a person in the next year. I hope to share the specifics soon.

I can say this so far:
I spent Saturday afternoon writing my goals for the week in specific categories. I then used those goals to determine what activities needed to be on my to-do list for the week. I planned my menu and figured out which books I needed to be reading and DIY project I needed to accomplish this week.

Can I tell you what a relief this has been? I haven’t had to keep retrieving a mental to-do list. I have a list and goals (hanging on my kitchen cabinet) to direct my decision making. I finished my first DIY project: homemade Shout. I am half way through one of my books and 1/4 through the second (I read on the stairclimber). I actually ironed yesterday and cleaned two bathrooms…

I share this all to say that rather than bouncing from one random thing to another as they come to the forefront of my mind, I am getting priorities accomplished.

Now listen, I know it is the second week of January but I have a feeling this planning ahead and being intentional about my choices is going to take me somewhere. My prayer is that I will have lots of success stories to share in the near future.

Get out there and get inspired. Don’t beat yourself up after reading the success stories of others. Let them be your mentors! Okay, “grasshopper?” ( totally dating myself with that Karate Kid term)


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