A Very Merry Date Night

Michael and I are at Peachtree Presbyterian waiting for the “Nicholas Bowden and Friends” concert to begin.

We tried to attend this concert last year with the kids. Baby girl lasted all of twenty minutes and that was with letting her stand in the aisle. As Michael and I slipped out the door we said to each other, ” Next year we go without the kids. This is too good to miss.”

And here we are- next year has arrived. (How time flies!) babysitter is back at the house with playing the wii with the kids and Michael and I are playing with the IPad he gave me a month ago

I have an awesome husband. He won this toy Ina contest and decided to give it to me as an early Christmas gift. I LOVE IT!!! What a great man.

We are happy to be here, to have survived the season thus far. Now we get to soak in beautiful music played by some of the best singers and musicians in the area.

I’m so happy to be with my honey and to enjoy the music that always draws me close to the heart of my Saviour. What a holy and wonderful night!


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