Thanks to some very generous friends, our family was able to spend eight days in Hilton Head at no cost.  While we were there we may have sat down for about twenty minutes.

I love the beach!!!!

And during my time there I rediscovered how much I love running.

One day I asked Noah to ride his bike while I went running.  The wonderful thing about Hilton Head is that you can ride your bike on the beach. (You could never do that on the New Jersey beaches where I grew up.)  I decided Noah and I would head out down the main strip of HHI and then turn into Palmetto Dunes and head back up the beach toward our resort.  I completely misjudged the distance of this route.  It was twice the length I thought it was!

I’m sure if you have run at all that at some point you have had the experience of having to push through a certain distance to which your body had become acclimated.  That hump is tough.  But then suddenly a second wind rises up and you break through.

In my case this break through was accompanied by the sound of seagulls, breaking ocean waves, and my son riding on his bike in front of me experiencing the thrill of riding without using his hands. (Can you just see the smile on his face?)  It was an exhilerating moment for both of us.  I won’t forget it.

I ran this morning…needed some time to clear my thoughts.  I heard a song by One Republic called “Waking Up”.  It brought me to that place back at the beach.

My husband and other runners are getting ready for the Savannah Rock and Roll marathon.  At this point your body may be weary and you may be itching to just get there and get it over with.  “Why am I torturing myself?” you may have asked yourself recently during one of your training runs.

I hope this song and this short trip down memory lane will bring back some of that love for running that propelled you toward the marathon from the beginning.  Hope you will become smitten with running again.



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