Gonna Chase That Feeling

Yesterday I saw my neurosurgeon and had an MRI done.  This time I didn’t have any “relaxing” drugs beforehand and almost hyperventilated in the machine.  I had to keep replaying scenes from “The Office” in my head to keep myself calm. 

The episode that was most fresh in my mind was when he has his jeans dry cleaned for casual Friday and clips of him dancing in his jeans are played.  That always gets a giggle out of me.  And apparently lowers my anxiety level.  Once again I am reminded that laughter is a great medicine.

Anyway, the MRI came back looking great…..but it doesn’t explain the pain.  My doctor decided he wants me to see a neurologist for some nerve tests.  I’m not thrilled about this because I feel like I am back to meandering through the dark.  I’m not feeling the emotional and physical strength required to do that right now. 

I have an inkling about what could possibly be going on.  There’s family medical history there that could possibly be presenting itself.  But I don’t want to go down that rabbit path because it will take some emotional adjustment.  And quite honestly, I’m tired of emotional adjustments. 

SO….I decided I’m not going to press myself too hard today.  I need some sunshine, some laughter, some relaxation.  Like I said, laughter is sometimes the best medicine… or at least the medicine that the present moment requires. 

In the words of Toby, after beating Michael Scott at a game of cards on “Casino Night”….

         “I’m going to chase that feeling……”


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