Taco Night

Tacos are a geat easy meal but a bit heavy on the fattening ingredients.

Here are some things I do with tacos to lighten the load and amp up the nutrition:

Ground beef: During the cooking process I drain the liquid numerous times, even when I use the lean ground beef.  When this solidifies in the glass I used to drain it, I am thankful that the white stuff is in the glass and not on my hips.

Beans-I add these to the ground beef to add fiber and stretch the meal to fill more bellies.

Peppers: Red, green, yellow, orange….whatever is on sale.  Usually $.69/lb for green $2.49 for the other colors.  The other colors add some welcomed sweetness that works nicely with the spice in the seasoning.  Veggies add fiber, vitamins, color, and a little crunch.  I do cook them but not too much.

Cheese: 2% milk cheddar and sprinkled on sparingly. 

Sour Cream: light or fat free and just a small dollop…emphasis on small.

Chives: love these and they add flavor which means the more fattening extras such as cheese and sour cream can be decreased.

If there’s anything I learned from “French Women Don’t Get Fat” it is that flavor and variety in the type of meals you eat go a looong way toward helping a person eat less and still feel satisfied. 

Give taco night a try.  A little tweaking goes a long way!


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