Pinewood Derby Time- A Chance to Brag On My Son

That is a smile of true delight!


For the past couple of weeks my son and husband have been planning and preparing for a big event in “Boy Scouts-dom” called the Pinewood Derby.  If you were a scout or know someone who was a scout, you are familiar with this race between cars made simply out of a piece of pine.

Our family is fairly new to the whole scouting thing.  Michael was a Tiger Cub for one year and I heard a couple of stories from my dad about being a Boy Scout.  There were boys in my church youth group who were advancing to Eagle Scout when  I knew them.  That is about the extent of our scouting knowledge.  It has been a fascinating new adventure for all of us. 

In an earlier post I shared how my son had to make a food pyramid and work at a couple of physical fitness challenges of which he would share at a den meeting.  He was praised by his den leader for his natural public speaking ability after he shared his experience with his other pack members.  He made his momma proud!

My son earned his first official badge- the Bobcat- after memorizing a mix of thirteen pledges, promises, handshakes and salutes.  Teary eyed we watched him walk proudly to the podium during a Scout banquet in which he excitedly received the first badge to be sewed on his Cub Scout shirt.  I am sure it will be the first of many to come.  Scouting is an activity we are fully convinced will have immeasurable benefits for him.

Michael gave our son a Pinewood Derby design book for Christmas.  He took a couple of weeks turning the pages over and over again thinking about what design he wanted to use.  He studied the ways that you can build a car to make it fast.  There are special changes you can make to the car that had to be decided.  He made his decisions but we won’t show you here because it’s a secret :)!

Last weekend a good friend guided them through the cutting process in his workshop.  Noah made a decision all on his own about the paint design of his car.  He decided on an American flag.  We spent Sunday afternoon at Michael’s Craft Store figuring out how to create that American flag.  Our son had a very definitive idea about what this car will look like.  He gave the “thumbs down” to many of our material suggestions.

Finally, it was determined that a special spray paint would do the job for the initial white coat and we found special red sticky vinyl for the stripes.  Thankfully he won’t be painting 50 stars on this car!  There were some stickers that fit the bill.

So here are some pictures tracking his progress thus far.  Noah will race against his pack on February 7th.  He will represent his pack for the District Pinewood Derby race on February 19th.

We are so proud of you buddy!  We can’t wait for your big day.  We love you!

A young patriot

A genius at work!


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