Update and a Review of a Bob Harper Video

I have not been able to write posts consistently lately.  Life has been in a bit of an upheaval.  My husband is slowly getting over the flu, my kids are still coughing and out of nowhere I got hit really hard with shoulder pain yesterday.  I spent today in a stupor from the meds I took overnight.  The medication works but it lingers in my system and I feel like I’m a zombie all day.

My appointment with the neurosurgeon was canceled last week due to the inclement weather.  Thankfully there is an appointment available this Thursday.  I look forward to getting some answers.  At least I hope that is what will happen.  I would appreciate your prayers.

On a more upbeat note I tried the Bob Harper (Biggest Loser) “Body Rev Cardio Conditioning” video and LOVED it!  It kicked my butt!

The video is a full hour and only about 6 minutes in total are spent on warm up and post exercise stretching.  He makes a remark about the ineffectiveness of the “10 Minutes to_______” approach that is used in a lot of exercise videos.  He says (and I have to concur) that a person’s heart rate needs to be up for a longer amount of time for any significant changes to occur.  In other words, if you want results, if you want to lose weight and get in shape, you need a longer workout session that keeps your heart rate up and you need to do it for 4-6 days a week.

If that sounds tough to you then you have hit the nail on the head regarding Bob Harper’s approach.  The viewer gets the sense that he’s not playing around and that he is going to work you hard.  And the video delivers.  Even the people working out with him are visibly having a hard time at certain points in the video.  (What a breath of fresh air!) Sometimes they stop to take a breath, get a drink of water, etc.  He moves around the room commenting on each person’s form, telling them to work harder, or praising them.  It seems to be in true “Biggest Loser” style.

There is a lot of quad (front of the thigh) work.  My thighs tend to get muscular quickly so I tried to deepen my squats for instance, to engage my glutes (my backside) and hamstrings even more. The video suggests 1-2 lb weights on the front cover and I would say that you don’t even need them if you are a beginner.

The movements are not complex.  If you are looking for a stereotypical aerobic video which is choreographed almost as though it is a dance, you won’t find that here.  I think this is to the advantage of the viewer.  The first time you use it you will get a good workout because you won’t spend so much time trying to figure out the routine.

Overall I like Bob Harper’s no frills, unapologetic approach.  I think a person who is committed to eating well and exercising at least four times a week and uses his video as part of her routine, would see some real change in her body.

This would be a great addition to your exercise video library!


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