A “Go to” Recipe: Turkey Kielbasa and a “Hot” Amazon Gift Card Deal:$20 Gift Card for $10


Today only $20 Amazon gift card for $10 !!!!

This is a deal to jump on.  You can buy just about anything these days on Amazon.  I’ve purchased vitamins, coffee, organic lollipops, agave syrup, games for our kids, school curriculum, CDs, DVDs, rented movies (similar concept as Redbox except through your computer), books, etc.  I’ve used a fantastic program called “Subscribe and Save” to get unbeatable deals on the lollipops, coffee, vitamins and syrup.  Basically you buy a product that is part of the program (it will say it on the product’s page, no need to search) and sign up to receive it at whatever interval you want and you can cancel it any time without a fee.  I received the organic lollipops every three months that was competitive with the artificial food coloring lollipops that the local grocery store sells.  I bought my Andrew Weil vitamins through Amazon’s “Subscribe and Save” at a price that was better than GNC’s prices.

I could go on and on but those are some new ideas to save with Amazon and to reduce your trips to stores.  Anybody else heard that gas prices are going to skyrocket again?  Enough said.

And a recipe….

One of our “go to” recipes is what we have coined “Turkey Kielbasa” around our house.  It’s quick and easy:

Slice up two bell peppers (preferably one green and one other color)

Slice one medium onion

Cut up a package of turkey kielbasa links (inexpensive and lower in fat)

Put enough rice in the rice cooker or pot to feed your family (white or brown)

Saute the veggies and kielbasa in a pan until browned (Ten minutes depending on your taste)

When the rice is finished, place rice on plates and put the kielbasa, peppers, and onion on the rice.

That’s it!  Simple, fast, delicious and nutritious!  The more bitter green pepper and the sweet red, orange or yellow peppers (and golden onions) complement each other well.  Then there’s a little punch from the kielbasa.  Love it.

Give “Turkey Kielbasa” and Amazon.com a try this week!



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