Another Week of Fitness Sales at Target!

Hey everybody! I had to stop and take a minute to tell you that this coming week will hold more sales on all kinds of fitness clothes and tools at Target.

There’s everything from pants to t-shirts to sneakers for both men and women. They are also selling more workout videos, yoga mats, and exercise balls. My favorite cereal-Kashi- is on sale this week. Luna bars are on sale too.

Target has a new item that I would really like to try. It is called the Bobble bottle. It filters the water you put in it before you drink it. I love that idea. You just don’t always have the time to fill up bottle of water at home, but drinking water from a nasty water fountain doesn’t sound so great. (By the way, when you drink from a water fountain, let the water run a minute. You don’t want to drink the water that has been sitting in the pipes for who knows how long. It has an awful taste too.) This bottle seems to be a good solution. Has anyone tried one before?

Look for Kashi coupons in the newspaper and see if you can match them up with the Kashi at Target. is another good source as well as the Target site as well.

Happy shopping!


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