Giveaway #4- A Fitness Book “Core Performance Women”

The last giveaway of the week will be a hardcover book by Mark Verstegen called “Core Performance Women: Burn Fat and Build Lean Muscle”.

A quote from the leaf of the book states:

“World-renowned strength and performance coach Mark Verstegen has trained top athletes and countless workaday warriors into the best shape of their lives.  He’s spent years developing a proven system for a wide range of clients (such as Mia Hamm- think about the famous picture of her sans shirt at the end of a soccer game sporting superb abs) and he knows the essential keys for building lean muscle, shedding excess fat, increasing strength and endurance, and breaking through plateaus.”

I have pretty much replaced my traditional ab workout with core exercises.  I found that I lost the bulky muscles that I once had across my abdomen and have become long and lean.  My abs are solid- if I may say so myself.  I also don’t have lower back pain like I once did.  I really can’t say enough about the benefit of core exercises and actually plan on saying more in the coming weeks (such as which exercises I like to use).

What I love about this book are the visuals. Exercise books that include good visuals are great because form is so important to get right.  Pictures help with that a lot.

This book also includes nutritional information and preplanned routines to save you time.  Love it.

I will have to keep this a local giveaway because the book is really heavy.

Be the first to contact me at with your name and address.  Happy exercising!



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