Exercise Equipment, Exercise Clothes, and Organic Deals

I hope you all had a very merry Christmas.  We sure did.  We received the Wii this year from Michael’s sister Tricia.  Thanks Aunt Tricia!  It’s awesome! Right now we own Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort.  Noah says his favorite sports are golf and baseball.  Abby enjoys boxing- yes, boxing!  Those of you who know her probably won’t find this all that surprising.  Of course she wears her Pinkalicious dress up dress and high heels as she boxes the air and yells, “Pow, pow, POW!”  She’s always looking back to see if she has an audience.  Very “Abby” behavior indeed.  Who doesn’t box in a dress?


Michael excels at golf of course, and pretty much everything else he plays.  I on the other hand stink at bowling, as I do in real life, and actually score points when playing tennis.  Anyway it is a lot of fun and does burn some of my kids’ energy, so a win-win for everyone, right?

Anyway, I am posting to let you know that Dick’s and Sports Authority have sales this week on both exercise equipment and clothing.  I was a little surprised that Target had neither on sale.  My guess is that their exercise related items will be on sale next week.  This is just my opinion but if you are in the market for exercise tops can I suggest that you don’t by anything with a cotton finish?  In my experience they don’t last nearly as long and tend to fade.  Just my opinion here.

I am not a regular customer of Ingles grocery store but when they have a good deal on organic foods, I try to take a trip there.  Tomatoes are one of the worst offenders in regards to pesticides.   Muir Glen is a popular brand for tomato products such as sauces, diced tomatoes, and soups.  They are on sale at Ingles this week.  For the past month Muir Glen coupons have been on Coupons.com.  Diced tomatoes are a staple in our house so I like to stock up when the deals are out there.  Michael made our tomato sauce last year but hasn’t had time to do it this winter.  I may give Muir Glen a try.

Cascadian Farms cereal and granola bars are also on sale this week.  You still want to check the sugar content on these but they use more natural ingredients in their products which is commendable in my book.  If you buy two Muir Glen or Cascadian Farms products you will receive a free reusable Ingles bag as well.

Ingles is also selling Santa Cruz organic apple sauce B1G1 this week.  Apples are pesticide ridden.  This makes organic apple products very worthy of your pennies.

So Delicious Coconut Milk is B1G1.  There have been coupons for it on Coupons.com as well this past month for $1 off.  I tried “plain” two weeks ago when it was on sale at Kroger.   Truly there was no flavor at all.  A very strange experience.  I might try the vanilla flavor next as something different to put in my cereal.

Other items on sale:

Santa Cruz Blueberry Acai juice B1G1

Method Laundry Detergent B1G1

Laura Lynn Organic Soymilk $2.48

Organic Collard Greens $1.98

Organic Cabbage $.98/lb

Hope this helps you in your grocery endeavors.  I know it is hard to wrap one’s mind around a grocery list and menu plan after the frenzy of Christmas.  Take it easy on yourself.  There’s a whole new year ahead to get back into the swing of things!



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  1. Posted by Nicci on December 30, 2010 at 4:08 pm

    H – You MUST get Just Dance 2 for your Wii. It worked me out so hard that I was sore the day after Christmas. It’s a great way to play and get a good cardio workout at the same time! I may have to bring the game over one day for you to try. You’ll be hooked!


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