The Old Schoolhouse Magazine Holiday Deal

As I find good deals I ‘m trying to post about them through the holiday.  Hope you were able to take advantage of those I posted earlier at Publix and CVS.

Here’s a great deal for those of you who homeschool or are looking for a gift for Christmas or an upcoming birthday for someone who homeschools their kids.

I have been receiving “The Old Schoolhouse Magazine” for almost two years and I have back issues that I received from someone through Freecycle.  I LOVE them.

The magazine offers issues jam packed with information, articles, money-saving ideas, curriculum ideas, book reviews, spiritual encouragement, advice from other readers….you name it it’s there.  They also have an online store from which I’ve made purchases as well.  The Old Schoolhouse Magazine has featured articles from well-known voices in the homeschooling world such as Ruth Beechick, Ken Hamm, Amanda Bennett, Todd Wilson, Susan Wise Bauer, and just featured an interview with Dave Ramsey!

They have truly grown over the past couple years and now offer an on-line homeschooling conference that you  can attend from your own home! How cool is that?

There are e-newsletters that you can subscribe to that offer advice on such topics as home management, cooking economically, time management, to name just a few.

Right now they have three awesome deals that are deep cuts in the normal subscription price.  There deals can be found by using this link :The Old Schoolhouse Magazine.

I promise you that if you homeschool this purchase is worth every penny.  I have dog-eared copies all over the house that I return to all the time as a resource and for encouragement. Give it a try!  This a very economical way to see if it is just as helpful to you too.


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