Two Great Deals I Had to Tell You About

Hi Everybody!

I was out running a couple of errands and had to tell you about two great deals.

Physicians Formula has an affordable “all natural” make-up line that is on sale at CVS this week.  Although it is not perfect it is paraben free and has no synthetic preservatives, colors or fragrances.  They claim to be “harsh chemical free” and “non GMO” (genetically modified organisms).  Personally, I want to support companies that are trending this route.  I think it is good for everyone.

At CVS you can get $7 in Extra Care Bucks for every $10 you spend.  I have two different CVS Extra Care cards one for my husband and one for myself.  I was able to buy liquid foundation which I have used and enjoyed before.  I am going to try their black mascara this time around as well.  I will tell you what I think after a couple of wears.

If you are unfamiliar with the ECBucks program please check out either Money Saving Mom or The Thrifty Mama whose links can be found in the right hand column of my page.  I will be able to “roll” my bucks over and over again to buy more products for free or almost free at CVS.  I’ve seriously saved tons of money using the CVS program.  It is well worth taking the time to learn.

At Publix I bought Pompeian Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  We were low and I like that particular brand because they offer “cold pressed” olive oil which I’ve read is not treated with harsh chemicals.  The oil was B1G1 so it turned out to be $3.50.  But here’s where it gets better. I was with my kids so I was in a rush.  I managed to make sure it was the “cold pressed ” bottle.  Not until I got home did I find out it was also organic with the USDA Organic seal!  (That makes a big difference by the way.  It’s not enough for it to say organic b/c it might not be 100%.)  I didn’t even know Pompeian made organic olive oil.  We eat A LOT of EVOO around here.  Maybe it was just that I went to a different Publix today than my usual.  But I will be going to stock up on some more.  Organic olive oil is not cheap.  Until I find out that there is something considered better, this is an upgrade that I can afford.

Go check out these deals.  These are prices that make these products worth trying and definitely are more budget friendly.


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