It’s Coming Time to Review: Your Food, Your Time

Sorry for the delay in getting to what has become my usual Tuesday post.  There’s been more illness in the family and the usual Christmas busyness.  Back to business….

Last week I asked you to think about your answers to the following questions, some of which came from Mireille Guiliano’s book “French Women Don’t Get Fat”:

1) What could I live without- or at least less of?

2) Which things do I most enjoy: a glass of wine at dinner? an ice cream cone on Sunday afternoon?

3) Which of them (the foods I eat regularly) is giving me real pleasure and which am I having to pointless excess?

4) When I get past the first few bites am I eating to feed my body’s real  hunger or trying to fill an emotional wound?

5) Am I using those next bites to soothe my frazzled nerves?

6) Has the rush of life entered my mealtime and caused me to miss the sensations and enjoyment of my food?

As I said before, perhaps you want to come back to these questions over Christmas break when you have a moment or two.  May I also suggest you ask these questions not just of the food you eat every day but also of the way you spend your time?

Right about this time every December, I like to buy my planner for the next year.  I think I start getting restless.  The Christmas decorations begin to make it feel crowded in the house.  Almost three weeks of heightened activity stealing time from the necessary routines in our schedule begins to frazzle my nerves.  Illnesses, cold temps, and the general “unexpected” drains my energy.  As I said to my sister-in-law last night, “Life doesn’t stop for Christmas.  It just keeps plowing through.”

So, I start looking forward to a pared down house and schedule.  Quite honestly I crave the predictable.

But I also crave new habits, new vitality to the old way of doing things to kind of get my motor going again.  I look with fresh eyes at  the life I will return to and wonder what I should keep, discard, and could do better or at least, differently. 

Going back to the previous questions, I could easily adjust them to find out how I really feel about the way I spend my time.

1) What activities or habits could I live without- or at least do less of?

2) Which activities do I and/or my kids REALLY enjoy?

And I’m going to throw some new questions in there:

1) What might I and my family be missing out on because we’ve said yes to other things?  Are those other things really the BEST for us?  Are we doing those activities because we think other people expect us to (at least that is what I’ve thought in my mind and haven’t questioned it) or because it really is beneficial to my family?

Blogging with Amy’s “Tell Your Time” demonstrated for us how we only have 24 hours in our day.  We are in control of what we assign to each of those hour-long “envelopes”.   What we fill our daily lives with is also worthy of review.

A lot of times the decisions we make as to what to do with our time can negatively or positively affect what we put in our mouths.  That is a relationship we need to consider as we review this past year and look forward to a quickly approaching new one.

 Happy planning!


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