A Light Post and Seventh Generation Deal

Hi Everybody!

Today is a light post.  I had a busy day that included a dental appointment that went extra long which meant extra soreness.  (Never realized keeping your mouth open wide could leave a person so sore. )  Anyway, I’m fine but a bit cranky. 

Also, Michael and I decided it was time for him to go to the doctor to get some medication for his cold.  Let’s just say the combination of medication and cold medicine didn’t leave him feeling so well.  But we think he will be on the upswing soon.

I would like to give you a heads up on a sale going on at Target.  I am a big fan of chemical free housecleaning products.  Target currently has a sale on Seventh Generation products.  Target also has a coupon for $1 off SG cleaner on their website.  (Scroll down to the bottom of the home page where you will see “Coupons”.)  Seventh Generation has a $1 off coupon on their website as well if you sign up with them.  With the sale and the two coupons combined, a surface cleaner or bottle of dishwashing soap could be around $.49.  This would be a great time to try their products if you have not done so before.  This week I will try to add to my stash of their dish soap of which I am running low.

If you are unfamiliar with the ins and outs of couponing, I would suggest that you take a trip over to MoneySavingMom.com or TheThriftyMama.com which both have tutorials on the topic.  Couponing has changed our grocery budget for the better and freed us up to include healthier products on our menu and in our household cleaning supplies.  You can click on the links in the sidebar to go to either of those sites.


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