How Are You Doing?- Checking In

Here on December 6th , the beginning of week two of the four weeks before Christmas, I am wondering, “How are you doing?”

At the beginning of last week I felt like a person standing on the edge of a large body of water contemplating a journey that had to happen.  “What is this month going to look like when it is all said and done?” I though to myself. 

When I looked at my calendar I saw a whole lot of opportunities for celebrating Christmas.  Saturday alone had about five different events that we knew we could possibly say “yes” to.  Not to mention all the other weekends of this month.

I also looked at how many weeks of school that need to happen.  I thought about the cookies to bake.  I thought about the packages and cards that needed to be prepared and sent out so they would get to their destinations on time. 

I realized our house was straddled over two holidays- a pumpkin still sitting on the counter and a Christmas tree standing in the corner.  Decorations needed to be packed away.

I pondered all the everyday stuff that has to happen like feeding my family, grocery shopping, laundry, exercise, blogging….

Then my husband reminded me that I needed to make dental appointments for he and the kids before the year was through.  This was between sneezes and blowing his nose due to a cold that has been dogging him all week.

Did I mention that my hormones were wreaking havoc on my body all week and my daughter woke up every night due to the same cold her daddy has?


I would imagine that you all had similar weeks in the sense that you knew what you HAD to do and knew what seasonal stuff had to be squashed in between.  And then there were those activities or responsibilities you may have forgotten about or just found their way to YOUR plate.  Who else is going to do them?   You had your heart palpitations as you stood at the edge of the water……and then you started swimming.  

What else is a woman to do?

So how is it going?

I had the distinct feeling that I was not to commit to any weekend plans.  I didn’t say yes to any holiday activities this past weekend except for the date night my husband and I were already supposed to have on Sunday.  Frankly I was holding onto that loosely too because he was so sick all week. 

It ended up that Michael and his fellow employees had previously scheduled a cleaning day on Saturday, and Noah was invited to come help out.  Michael didn’t remember until Friday.  Noah LOVES hanging out with Daddy at the restaurant.  What kid wouldn’t when they have the full reign of the soda gun and get to hang out with Daddy and the guys?  Needless to say, Noah came home thoroughly caffeinated but more importantly, his emotional bank account was fuller having spent some Daddy/son time. 

Abby’s heart was filled up too having spent the day with Mommy.  Since we needed to pick up Noah in Atlanta Saturday afternoon we left early to visit the Lennox Mall.  Christmas shopping with Mommy included a visit to Pottery Barn Kids to play with all their toys.  We spent quite a bit of time hiding in one of their canvas playhouses and sitting at a vanity talking on a “phone”.  Her heart was content.

Overall, I never could have guessed all that transpired last week.  But the end result was good- our hearts were full.  Funny how that works, huh?  

So how are you doing?  Now that you’ve been swimming through this holiday season for a week, how is it going?  Are you finding that you need to tweak your schedule at all?  Were there any good surprises that may have shaken things up but were better for you in the end?  Might you need to call on an extra pair of hands to get a project done?

How are your eating habits?  Are you getting sleep?  Have you made a date with your bed this week to play a little catch up?  Are you scheduling time to exercise?  Have you made  date with yourself yet?  Have you planned to eat a holiday food that you absolutely must have, so you can say “no” to the other stuff that comes your way?

It’s Monday.  Take some time to sit in front of your calendar to think through these questions and plan ahead…..but hold loosely.  You never know what little blessings lay ahead.


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