Power Lunch- Salmon

Michael works at night so the kids and I have our “lunch” at night.

Tonight I had salmon.  I like the Chicken of the Sea small pouch that says it is “wild caught”.  Salmon is packed with Omega-3’s and the pouch contains 13g of protein.  Combined with the fiber from the whole wheat tortilla I ate with it, it is an energy packed meal that makes me feel full for a long time.

I like to prepare my salmon with chopped celery, sprinkle it with dill and use a little bit of Kraft Mayo w/ Olive Oil to make it moist. 

Sometimes instead of using a 100% whole wheat tortilla I’ll spoon the salmon on Geni-Soy Ranch cakes.  They are like mini rice cakes except they contain soy protein.  They add a pop of flavor to the salmon. 

Other times I’ll go traditional and add lettuce and tomato on whole wheat bread toasted.

I try to eat salmon once a week as the omega 3’s it contains are very healthy for you.

If you are looking for food that will fuel you through this season when the time between meals tends to become extended, salmon is a great choice!


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